EPA Causes Second Spill Disaster at Old Georgia Cotton Mill

Lead Levels 20,000 TIMES Above Normal

The EPA caused a toxic spill of 3 million gallons of poisonous waste into a system of Colorado rivers earlier this month.

But that wasn’t the EPA’s first toxic spill this year.
The EPA sent deadly sediment into a Georgia water system from an the 19th century Mary Leila Cotton Mill.

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  1. Ever notice how nobody hacks into the EPA because there is nothing and nobody there worth knowing about? But these spills are no surprise. They shit their own floors, fercryinoutloud.

    Thanks, Nixon.

  2. When the EPA ‘cleans’ a site. This is what they do.
    The site no longer is ‘dirty’
    They did there job….now shut up.

  3. Another example of EPA incompetence and irresponsibility, they supplied water tanks to the Navajo who were affected by their recent spill, and the water inside them was contaminated with what appears to be used motor oil.
    Another three letter government agency that sorely needs to be defunded to death.

  4. Why? Human psychology.

    The eyes of the low information reader tend to just roll past the 3-letter acronym and land squarely on the phrase “Old Georgia Cotton Mill”. Then a magical subliminal assessment is made:

    “Old”. This place should have been shut down years ago.

    “Georgia”. Rednecks. Gone with the Wind. Confederate battle flag.

    “Cotton”. Slavery. Racist heritage.

    “Mill”. Dirty, polluted industrial blight.

    The EPA won’t be held responsible for this. In the minds of the lofos, the old, dirty, racist rednecks are to blame.

  5. Job security…….

    Your mission is to clean up toxic spills……

    so the more toxic spills that you initiate (find)….the more money you agency gets……

    kind of like the unwed mothers with children being on the dole.

  6. You’d think a big organization like the EpA would have enough sense to to check with One Call before they dig around water mains.
    Fucking idiots, or intentional fuck-ups? Either way they need to be shut down – they are a danger to every American, and citizens do not want them around. And, give us back our tax dollars – with interest!

  7. Hell unruly that’s the first thing my company had to do in Cali before I started building a house.

    *Underground Service Alert

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