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EPA head: We don’t need to justify our regulations with data

gina mccarthy


Examiner.com: EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy took a drumming yesterday when she refused to release the ‘secret science’ her agency used when drafting new regulations. Testifying before the House Science, Space and Technology committee, Rep. Lamar Smith (R) began the Q&A by asking McCarthy why she wouldn’t release the studies and data in which her regulations are based. Rep. Smith told McCarthy that his ‘secret science’ reform act would make the data public without interfering in the EPA’s primary job and maintaining the confidentiality of third parties.

Rep. Smith also quoted Obama’s science adviser, John Holdren, saying “The data on which regulatory decisions are based should be made available to the committee and should be made public. Why don’t you agree with the president’s science adviser?” McCarthy replied that while she supports transparency in the regulatory process, the bill would make public the personal information of the people working on the science.  MORE

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  1. Given that the funding for virtually all research comes from govt grants or salaries, the claim that there is any “personal information” involved is laughable nonsense.

  2. Shoot me now if anybody can calculate global temperature to three decimal points.

    Thank you.

    She is so full of hubris, just like her boss.

    If everybody in the House & Senate would take my post to heart it would change the world.


  3. We are no longer under the Rule of Law. We are under the Law of Rules. Fertile soil for Petty Little Dictators.

    And notice how strenuously our Congress fights to retrieve their Constitutionally-ordained authority.

    From Checks and Balances to Dykes and Balderdash in the blink of an eye.

  4. Somebody should detach the propane tank from his grill and hit this arrogant bitch over the head with it.

    Note to self: if ever elected president, shut down the EPA via Executive Order on first day in office.

  5. Welcome Komrades to the DamBamboolzer’s new Communism of unnecessary, over-reaching, over-bearing, high-handed, job-killing, regulation, deceit, deception and disinformation where Politically Correct, science-impaired Commiczars will tell us anything they damn well please… or not!
    Brown shirts now available!

  6. As much as I would do the same, I’ve come to the conclusion that it would be best to keep the EPA, DOE, and such around to use as a club against the liberals the same way they are using these unelected gov’t agencies now.

    Think about it. You tell the head of the DOE that any state that teaches the wonders of homosexuality, has students read King and King, and all of that ‘tard BS, those states will get ZERO federal dollars. Have the DOE promulgate regulations that forbid the teaching of homosexuality-as-normal and tie all federal money to that regulation.

    The ‘tards will scream but what can they do? If they sue and win, just obama* the decision. If you lose the court decision, make the regulations stronger. Really piss off the ‘tards.

    Use their own bureaucracy against them. In the case of the EPA, you would make many of the regulations more lax. Promulgate regulations that say carbon is not a pollutant and that anthropogenic global warming and anthropogenic climate change are lies. Make the ‘tards squeal and when they throw a hissy fit, laugh in their faces.

    *ignore with prejudice

  7. Data, we don’t need no steenking data. Humphrey Bogart and John Huston would kick their ass if this was a real life Treasure of the Sierra Madres. The progtards at the EPA sure seem to think we’re a third world shithole (which we aren’t, I’ve been there and we’re not even close) and are doing their damndest to convince the ignoids that we’re on the eve of destruction and everything we do is contributing to globull warming. We’re actually a veritable ecotopia compared to Russia, China, India etc. and other third world paradises where there are no environmental regulations. Our problem now is there are too many regulations and restrictions on free enterprise that nothing makes sense any more.

  8. I bet her “plastic fantastic” is so large, you could use it to pry up a manhole cover. ( There’s a pun lurking in here, somewhere.)

  9. She needs to come to my town, take a piss in the middle of the road and see what happens. It’ll be a wham, bam, thank you ma’am, but not one she expected.

    If not, I got a Fix Me Stick or Ugly Stick that’ll fix ‘er.

  10. This aggravates the bejabbers out of me. When is the Middle Class going to be appointed Endangered Species status? Pardon me while I go protect the environment of Somebody That Has A Job!

  11. C’mon, Zonga,
    ANYONE can calculate global temperatures to 3 decimal places (thousandths of a degree)!

    But NOBODY on Earth can MEASURE temperatures to 3 decimal places!

    They won’t release the “data” behind their regulatory schemes because there is NO data behind them.

    It’s all a lie.

  12. Proof that as long as 0bama is in office, no unemployable dyke or pole-smoker has to worry about being unemployed.
    Other than the queers, who does that policy benefit?

  13. My bet is that the AMC channel in their series ‘Making of the Mob” will not feature single president, senator, congressman or federal bureaucrat. They are smarter than the mafia types, they make their crimes legal.

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