EPA Not Doing Its Job

Created in 1980, The Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation and Liability Act, established the “superfund” program to cleanup the most deadly contaminated areas in the nation.  With only 375 sites cleaned up since the start of the program, there are about 1,337 “national priority list”sites remaining and another 53 places waiting to be designated a national priority.

With all the work still needing to be done, you’d think the Environmental Protection Agency would send its people to new areas in desperate need of reclamation, you’d be wrong.

The EPA hasn’t reassigned staff since 1987, saying that doing so would be “substantial disruptive.”


Find a Superfund site near you Here

So, if the EPA isn’t going to send staff to new locations to do clean up work, why bother designating anymore additional sites?

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  1. Hey, let’s hire 20,000 more political bureaucrats to write business crushing and expensive regulations at the expense of TAXPAYERS.

    Dismantle the EPA Paper-pushing Bureaucracy.

  2. Stop hiring watermelons into the EPA. Round up all commies and send them to North Korea, strap Algore to a balloon and let him block the sun for a few weeks.

    This is how you solve problems.

  3. The EPA unconstitutional creation of James Earl Carter. They spent an enormous amount of money and didn’t solve all the enviormental problems and created a few new ones. Sphut this group of enviroweenies down for good.

  4. Had some tangential involvement in an EPA clean-up in California; the EPA actually made things worse through its own negligence. I looked at some other proposed Superfund sites in my state; a couple of them are closed military bases and a couple more are in impoverished areas. I won’t look for the EPA to jump on these sites anytime soon.

  5. Now I’m screaming mad. To find out that there are over 1,300 clean up sites on the slate since 1980 and some EPA tools were probing around looking for more to complain about when they caused that massive spill. That is just outrageous.

    Had a mining company been responsible for the spill we would still be hearing reports about how many fish died, how many bears now have cancer, how many first nations people were impacted, all the heavy metals now in the mud and sand of the river for the next FOREVER and how this just just might be the reason for all the hurricanes this year.

    As it was done under our dear leader Obama’s watch the Governor came out the same day with a “these things happen” and “mother nature is a tough B.I.; all will back to normal before you know it”.

    The EPA, just another part of the swamp Trump was hired to drain but the _____ _____ Republicans won’t let him.

  6. Scott Pruitt has a FB page and twitter acct. Let him know your specific concerns. It’s better to ask questions publicly than to write an email or leave a message at his office.

  7. For all those epa stooges- give ’em a pair of rubber gloves, kneepads and a scrub brush and send them to San Diego. There’s sidewalks waiting for them.
    That’s environmental, and it has much to do with the health of the public.


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