EPA Reverses Obama Era Last Minute Uranium Mining Regulations

Breitbart: The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced on Friday that it is withdrawing the pending rulemaking for uranium mining and thorium mill tailings.

The regulations were put in place on Jan. 19, 2017, just hours before Barack Obama left office and President Donald Trump’s inauguration.

“In a rush to regulate during the waning hours of the previous administration, the agency proposed a regulation that would have imposed significant burdens on uranium miners and the communities they support,” Acting Administrator Andrew Wheeler said in the press release announcing the decision.

Rep. John Barrasso (R-WY), chairman of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, praised the agency’s move.

“Today’s announcement is the right decision,” Barrasso said. “The Nuclear Regulatory Commission – our nation’s principal nuclear regulator – has said there is no health or safety justification for EPA’s midnight rule.”

“The NRC has regulated in situ uranium recovery for nearly 40 years,” Barrasso said. “The agency has never found an instance of groundwater contamination that would be addressed by this rule.”

“I’m glad the Environmental Protection Agency has acknowledged this reality,” Barrasso said. “I applaud it for withdrawing this punishing and unnecessary regulation on America’s uranium producers.” more here

9 Comments on EPA Reverses Obama Era Last Minute Uranium Mining Regulations

  1. And another one bites the dust. How many more until his rules and dictates are all gone. Vote on the 6th and they will all be gone.

  2. It’s sad that the crime of treason has been elevated to an impossible to reach marker. Nothing puts the brakes on corruption and treachery like the ultimate price tag.

  3. From the election until Jan 20, all previous administration’s rules should be immediately cancelled and reauthorized by the next administration if they deem it necessary.

  4. BTW – It was the same thing with coal. They were determined to bankrupt the coal industry, and stated as much, while selling cheap coal to China who burns it without any pollution controls whatsoever! I believe to this day their intent was to destroy the coal industry, and then turn around and let the Chinese come in an buy it up for pennies on the dollar while pocketing the lobby money for letting them do it!!
    Their goal and mantra was “Anything to make America Weaker”
    We´re far better off, as is the planet, letting the Coal Industry flourish and using it responsibly than let a democRAT line his or her pockets with yet a nuther deal with the Devil!


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