‘Epidemic Of Fatherlessness’

DC: Mike Rowe shared an important message about fatherhood on Facebook Tuesday.

It may not be politically correct, but it’s something his fans will love to hear.

“A couple years ago, when Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were getting divorced, Jolie was quoted as saying, ‘It never even crossed my mind that my son would need a father,’” Rowe wrote.

“I was struck by her comment, and I remember wondering how many other Americans might share her view. At the time, I didn’t think many. But today, I’m convinced the number is significant. I’m also amazed at how quickly fatherhood has fallen out of favor. Can you imagine a celebrity–or anyone for that matter – saying such a thing just twenty years ago?”

“I know this is controversial, and I’m sorry to inject an uncomfortable element into a post about a ‘feel-good’ show, but I think it’s important to consider the possibility that this thing we like to call ‘an epidemic of bullying,’ is really an ‘epidemic of fatherlessness,’” he continued. “I also think it’s reasonable to conclude that our society is sending a message to men of all ages that is decidedly mixed.”

The former “Dirty Jobs” star also shared a number of statistics showing how the majority of high school dropouts, convicted rapists and youth suicide cases come from fatherless homes.  MORE

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  1. Huge factor in the moral decline of our nation.

    The father is the High Priest of the family, most don’t know what that means anymore and most don’t care anymore either.

  2. I read somewhere about a Pew study from early 1990s that compared crime to fatherless households. When factored in, race became far, far less of an indicator. Of course the problem there is that so many minority households, particularly black households, are fatherless. Unfortunately I haven’t found the details.
    But if you try to bring this up in a discussion these days you are called racist, even if you are just trying to be analytical. Of course the same is true of school violence – any attempt to discuss remediation apart from somehow taking guns away just means you want to kill children.

  3. The reason why this is happening is because young males are being taught to trade in one set of valuable freedoms for another set of shitty freedoms.

    Valuable Freedoms:

    – Free Speech

    – Gun Ownership

    – Protection from Government Harassment

    Requirements: Be a responsible adult who carries his own fucking water.

    Shit Freedoms

    – The right not to be offended.

    – The right to be shit on by foreigners in your own fucking country.

    – The right to claim you’re a girl now, don a dress & parasol, and prance around like a goddamn faggot.

    Requirements: Exist with no hope of anything better.

  4. A mother has her role in child development and a father has his role, children NEED both. The good Lord blessed me and our children with a great husband and father.

  5. Men have been beat up so long by feminists, hollywood, the law and the media they don’t care anymore. They’re damned if they do damned if they don’t. If they’re strong and masculine, they’re bullies and too macho. If they’re sensitive, they’re weak.
    But if they’re gay, trans or some other pervert they’re celebrated in our society. No wonder so many have given up on being fathers. Who needs the aggravation?

  6. What leftists and their sick ideas have done to families is criminal. It’s hard to dispute that children raised in loving families have a better chance of being responsible and well adjusted adults.

  7. And for a Hollywood dad, she had one of the BETTER ones! 😮

    Then again, why have a dad, when you can have RITALIN?! 🙁

  8. My father died at the age of 30 and it infuriates me that some wimmin choose to put themselves and their children at such an emotional (and economic) disadvantage. My mother did her best to raise 3 children on her own (with a supportive extended family and without drinks or dates) but it was tough on her and us. The fact that there are now more homes without fathers now is not progress.
    BTW: My mother is a widow, not a ‘single mom.’ Big difference.

  9. @ Left Coast Dan: I read the same study, and have been trying like crazy to find it again. No luck on my part.

  10. “…statistics showing how the majority of high school dropouts, convicted rapists and youth suicide cases come from fatherless homes.”

    Come to think of it, didn’t both Bill Clinton’s and Barak Obozo’s fathers leave the scene?

  11. @Little Morphin’ Annie: Thank you for saying that! My husband died when my son was an infant and through hard work, self sacrifice, the help of extended family, and the Grace of God, he is now an adult and productive member of society, being on his own and fully self sufficient before the age of 20. Being raised without a father is not ideal, but it doesn’t necessarily spell disaster for a child if the mother strives to mitigate the damage.

  12. @Anonymous March 28, 2018 at 1:33 pm

    > Huge factor in the moral decline of our nation.

    Symptom, not cause.

  13. “Insane” speculative fiction sells well, in some markets. And the wilder, and less plausible, the premise, which is then dealt with “rationally”, “scientifically”, the better such stories, in such markets, sell. And that’s (Stuart Smalley sigh), OK. What if a meteorite hit New York City and started an alien zombie apocalypse? For realz! What if an honest man were appointed President of The United States? For realz!

    But, if you don’t expect to gets paid for exploring The Rest of the Story, then how much effort should you invest? If for really realz, it can not, ever, happen?

    What is the result of large scale fatherlessness in a society? For realz. (Ron Popeil impersonator) But, wait… before you answer that! What is the (for really realz) cause of fatherlessness? Now, “rationally”, “scientifically”, will that ever change? In a society that is already able to experience large scale fatherlessness? (You may note that I speculated “What if an honest man were appointed President?”… there is a reason for that.) (Ron Popeil’s Ghost of Future Yet to Come) Now… how much effort should you invest?

  14. How many animated Disney movies have portrayed the male hero as a bungling idiot that can’t achieve any goals without an entire supporting team? As far back as the Sword In the Stone (1963), any boy was an idiot to the charms of even female animals.

    And then there are the Disney Princesses.

    This junk runs decades deep.


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