Epstein allowed to purchase small women’s panties during jail stint


Convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein reportedly made thousands of dollars of purchases while serving his term in Palm Beach County Jail a decade ago, and one of them included women’s panties.

The billionaire purchased two pairs of women’s size 5 panties from the Palm Beach County Jail facility store, according to documents obtained by the Miami Herald. The panties would have been too small even for most grown women, which bars the possibility that Epstein could have intended them for himself.

The county jail held both male and female prisoners and therefore stocked underwear for both genders. Epstein’s most-purchased item was coffee, of which he purchased over 800 cups.
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5 Comments on Epstein allowed to purchase small women’s panties during jail stint

  1. I’ve read scads of depo transcripts from his first trial and the subsequent lawsuits in WPB.
    He also bought an enormous amount (can’t recall exact number) of bottles of hand lotion on a daily basis from the commissary.

    When questioned why he needed so much hand lotion, he responded “he had dry skin and liked to keep his hands moist”. True story.

  2. The guy was an insane nut believing that size 5 panties would fit Hillary Clinton
    big ass let alone her big toe!


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