Eric Holder: Abolishing ICE doesn’t “make a whole lot of sense”

DC: “I don’t think that substantively or politically that makes a great deal of sense. I think I.C.E. obviously needs to be reformulated, it needs to be reformed, but I think we need to focus on that which is most important and that’s the separation of these kids from their parents,” Holder said.

He continued, “Now, I.C.E. played a role in that but I think in some ways you’re giving the Republicans a gift by saying we’re going to have a debate about now whether I.C.E. should be abolished and the focus ought to be on what this administration did to those children.”  watch

3 Comments on Eric Holder: Abolishing ICE doesn’t “make a whole lot of sense”

  1. Pastie lookin chuck todd appears to be overly anxious with his hands all animated and too much looking at his handlers for the nod and a wink that he’s a good boy and deserves a treat because he talks and puts words together to form sentences of mindless drivel. you’re a good boy chuck todd.

  2. And what about what your administration did to “those children”. They were treated the exact same way you miserable underhanded fraud. You represent the exact type of human garbage our government is infested with and you can take the press with you when you slither back to the sewer.

  3. I really don’t care what Holder thinks about ICE or anything else for that matter. This treasonous lying POS worked hand in hand with Obozo trying to tear this country apart and I am not a very forgiving person. Holder has too many skeletons in the closet for them to be hidden much longer. We will get around to him sooner than later. We’ve bigger fish to fry right now.


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