Eric Swalwell – I AM FARTACUS

*spicy language*

Whether “god,” or “karma,” or whatever higher power to which you subscribe – said deity has apparently had enough of the President Trump “Impeachment” nonsense, and so chose Democrat Eric Swalwell as its ideal vessel for communicating the capital T “Truth.”

But Swalwell, though clearly a prophet, wasn’t chosen because his verbal gifts could transform the absurdity of Adam Schiff et. al.’s charade into an intelligible message; he was chosen because – as far as the Universe is concerned – there is no better moron to take a (literal) thong-staining deuce all over the cosmic joke that is the American Congress and its sham attack on a duly elected representative of the People.

16 Comments on Eric Swalwell – I AM FARTACUS

  1. ^^^ The only thing he’s qualified to do is “voice” overs for frat-boy productions!
    Eric, yer voice sounds pretty rough, but yer breath still smells the same!

  2. After careful observation I have come to believe
    that The President has a very large hand over him,
    clearing our enemies away.
    As has been said by much smarter people than I;
    God does have a sense of humor.
    Keep praying for the United States and our President.

  3. It is not surprising considering swallowells sexual proclivities that his anal pore may be of a loose persuasion…………..


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