Eric Swalwell Talks Down To Prominent Conservative Woman

Chad is right.

Then there’s this–

“somewhat attractive”

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  1. @ericswalwell owes @DLoesch an apology.

    Chad is right, but we’re never going to see any kind of a genuine apology from Swallowell (Swallow – well)

  2. If that picture of Ms Wheeler is “somewhat attractive”, I’d love to see “drop dead gorgeous”! WOOF!
    Someone get Mr Gillispie a red-tipped cane, a tin cup, and dark glasses. Then point him to the nearest cliff, and stand back.

  3. Swallowsowell does not have the wisdom to compete fairly, nor does he have the class to apologize. Would LOVE to see him tangle with Oliver North. North is a wise, tough, and accomplished man. Always a hoot to see loud mouth know nothing liberals pee their pants at put-up-or-shut-up events.

  4. Swallwell is stupid. I’d like to see him debate either Loesch or North. Or John Lott. Any of them would wipe the floor with the cretin.

  5. Maybe I’m wrong, but I seriously doubt that any of these “Double Secret Probation” clowns are going to be the final, 2020 democRAT candidate. Granted, maybe a few of these gimmick-pushing buffoons will be in the runoff, but I think we have yet to see their “golden ticket” candidate to the White House pick!

  6. Having trouble digesting that limp wristed, bone smoking, commie fag dip shit Swallowell thinking he’s up to debating Ollie North. Does that dweeby little faggot really think he’s smarter than a wise old combat proven Marine? That worthless, zero-accomplished, California douche bag would be crying for his mommy on the first day of Marine Corps Boot Camp. And he challenged Ollie North? Are Justin Trudeau and Pee Wee Herman Eric’s parents?.

  7. Swalwell reminds me of that kid on the Little Rascals that could only say ‘Remarkable’ he has found a good, big word that bears repeating
    His arguments come from the ‘I know you are, but what am I?’ genre of logic.
    He has the gravitas of Aerogel
    The soaring rhetoric of Cousin It
    The constitution of a Puddin’ Pop
    The acumen of a toddler and
    The vocabulary of a Marmot

  8. Swalwell appears to have a personality deficit possibly associated with his extended time under water earlier in life (mentioned by someone earlier, a rough jest I assume). Once the fellow promised a good old fashioned nuking to those who fail to obey his command I revile the little would-be tyrant. His words have the same value as 0bama’s… zero.


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