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Eric Swalwell’s topless, camel-riding pandemic adventure

BPR: Fox News host Tucker Carlson and conservative analyst Mark Steyn laughed uproariously over photos of a camel-riding shirtless Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) in Qatar on an all-expenses-paid pandemic trip.

“We may have given you the impression that Eric Swalwell spends all of his time having sex with sultry Chinese spies and for that, we apologize. He does have some extra time and he uses that time to travel all over the world on trips paid for by foreign governments. Earlier this year, for example, he was in Qatar on a trip paid for by the US Qatar Business Council. Then he uploaded pictures of the trip to Instagram,” Carlson noted as he showed a picture of a topless Swalwell on top of a less-than-thrilled camel. watch

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  1. “House rules are very clear that members are not allowed to accept invitations to participate in entertainment activities funded by private groups.”

    Unless your a Democrat.

  2. “he was in Qatar on a trip paid for by the US Qatar Business Council”
    Looks like Eric preferred the Camel to a Communist Chinese whore.
    Either way, he’s been bought and not cheaply I’ll bet.

  3. I rode a camel.


    Never again.

    It was at the now non-existant Miracle Theatre that was in Pidgeon Forge TN. They had a short strip of ersatz desert oasis themeing in the middle of the parking lot where they could conduct the rides, for God knows what reason as there is no camel riding in the New Testamant that I am aware of, but it was expensive enough that I’m not sure they wouldn’t have had Jesus get the apostles working on a full rewrite if the theater had survived.

    Anyway, it was VERY used to tourists and one of the most gentle, docile animals I’d ever seen, even foregoing the usual ruminant trick of well-aimed vomit, so that wasn’t the problem.

    The problem is that the beast has a VERY prominent spine and a hip structure AND a massive girth to huge ass size like Oprah Winfrey at her very fattest, things that conspire to make having this penduluant razorback between your thighs SEVERELY unpleasant in a BIG hurry.

    If Muslims actually DO ride these things, I can almost understand their yen to blow themselves to smithereens as this is probably the ONLY way to quickly end the crotchetal chafing that ensues from riding this Brobdignagian wire haired terrier. It’s like riding a warm wire brush, but it’s so high you can’t dismount until you make the circuit and get back to the loading station, which definitely leaves you in the mood to go into the theatre to seek Jesus, for the miracle of healing your bowed and hair-speared inner thighs, or at least to see if the beardy guy playing him can direct you to a cooling, if overpriced, soothing balm if the unavoidable in every Pigeon Forge business gift shop.

    If Swalwell can get any pleasure out of sitting on THIS torture machine, it makes me wonder what the hell that little Chinese gal did to him to make that pleasurable by comparison. Dems ARE perverts so it may have involved an ancient Chinese dildo and sandpaper, but however that may be, it still seems likely that THIS is the source of anger that leads him to wanting to nuke his fellow citizens, it’s probably just the ass pain talking but, being a Democrat, he wants OTHERS to suffer if HE has to, so prepare for Eric the Red Ass to be ESPECIALLY vindictive when he comes home from THIS trip because his ass must be glowing like a baboons from the beast…

  4. There’s a camel, slightly older than Methuselah, on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem. Tourists (for a fee) can sit on it or pose next to it for photo’s. I gave that thing as wide a berth as I could manage, I didn’t even what to be in camera range of taking a snap of it by itself. Nasty, bad tempered, smelly, drooling thing.

  5. Mark Steyn was hilarious talking about this.
    He said Swallwell is trying to live “Midnight at the Oasis”.
    When I saw this picture my reaction was to reach for the Pepto.

  6. Mrs radiomattm
    JULY 13, 2021 AT 6:24 PM
    “Nasty, bad tempered, smelly, drooling thing.”

    …wait, is this about a camel, or Joe “Pedo” Biden?

  7. This is the height of arrogance and lack of self-awareness. The media have given these assholes so much cover that they blatantly flaunt their elite ruling class status without ANY fear of repercussion.

  8. Unfortunately for the pitiful Swalwell guy he’s definitely not an entrant for the chippendale male dancers.

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