Eric “The E-Man” Conn Found by “G-Men” In Honduras

Wanted for a massive $500 million social security fraud scam, Eric Conn was pulled off the streets of Honduras by FBI agents after he exited a restaurant in the city of La Ceiba. Conn had been on the run since cutting his electronic monitor off his leg in June.

Despite his escape abroad, Conn’s trial for fraud and bribery in Kentucky continued  and led to a sentence of 12 years for the crooked disabilities lawyer along with roughly $175 million in forfeiture, fines and restitution.


10 Comments on Eric “The E-Man” Conn Found by “G-Men” In Honduras

  1. A skilled prosecutor will negotiate a deal where we can send back 2 or 3 million illegal Hondurans….

  2. I’ve always had the idea, that I could hide out without ever being found. Now that the World is shrinking or being choked out by Rabbit Breeding Cultures, hiding out or blending in is more difficult !

  3. If he wanted to stay on the run he should have cooked his own arepas lunch in his room.
    The local radio station today reported he was arrested in a MacDonalds or Burger King.


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