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Escalators Are Complicated

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  1. I remember as a little kid the exitement of taking all the escalators with mom and dad to see Mr Jingaling on Halles 7th floor and the ones at the top were wooden! I don’t ever remember anyone having a problem with them, but then eveyone wuz from the same planet at that time too!

  2. I was behind a typical effete young creep at the airport on the down side. He was feverishly tapping on his phone when he reached the bottom and face-planted hard, spilling all the stuff in his manpurse.

    I laughed out loud.

  3. Must happen often, if they need a guard on duty to help when needed. He must have missed out on the day they got into the exact details on how to help out part three.

  4. I must be doing something right because I woke up this morning with a light heart and full of joy and laughter. Thank you God, it’s gonna be a great day. And yes the Babylon Bee really cracked me up this morning like it always does.

  5. “Oh Laws I do the flip flop.” And whats with the clown in yellow? Didn’t they have his size when they handed out uniforms?

  6. Don’t laugh.

    That broad just made herself about $60 to $70 Thousand in lawsuit dollars.

    The new economy…

  7. “That broad just made herself about $60 to $70 Thousand in lawsuit dollars.”

    She wishes, that’s probably the GDP of the country this occurred in.

  8. Story told many times by my Aunt Florence when she took me down town (Chicago) for Christmas the first time as a little guy.

    Marshall Fields the down escalator, I asked “What happens when the basement fills up with stairs?”

    She had no answer! One of a few that she told about “Little Jimmy.”

  9. TRF, I remember Mr. Jingaling! I used to beg my parents to take us to “Halle’s seventh floor” just so we could meet him. Thanks for helping dredge up a happy childhood memory! <3

    I hope I bump into you someday so we can sing the whole theme song together!

  10. Years ago a mom and her kid, maybe 8 yrs old, were ahead of me on the escalator. The kid somehow got his tennis shoe stuck in the escalator teeth at the top exit.
    I jumped over them and hit the “Emergency Stop” button on the bottom.
    These are kind of hidden and not everyone knows they exist.

    I had the kid slide his foot out of the shoe, it had his sock as well.
    I tugged hard on the shoe and it tore about two inches from the end.
    I couldn’t believe how much of that shoe was lodged in there.
    Anyway, mom thanked me and I told her to get a manager to replace those shoes for free.

    My good deed was done for the day so I proceeded to be a selfish jerk the rest of the it…

  11. Show of hands. How many of you as a kid, would run UP the DOWN escalator? How many of you eventually were escorted out of the department store by store security?

    I plead guilty to both counts.

  12. So what was the guy in yellow saying to the woman since he seemed to think the escalator had him in its grasp and was bearing him inexorably away?

    “I will come back for you ma’am I promiseeeeee”, with the “e” fading into the distance as he selflessly threw himself into the wild, uncharted land of the mall second floor?

    …maybe the rest of the video shows him decending on the DOWN escalator to the rescue, wrapped in a halo of divine light…

  13. LocoBlancoSaltine
    OCTOBER 16, 2021 AT 12:37 PM

    “My good deed was done for the day so I proceeded to be a selfish jerk the rest of the it…”

    That’s because you didn’t get paid. Standard fee for rescuing a child is the mom has to have sex with you.

    Hey, I don’t make the rules, it’s what the Guild decided on…

  14. It looks like the hand rail was not moving with the steps. Sometimes the drive link between the two fails. That may be why the yellow guy was there – to warn and assist people who are expecting to be supported by a moving hand rail.

  15. The best escalator that I’ve ever seen was on the USS Kitty Hawk CV 63 leading from my deck just under the flight deck down to the Mess Deck. It was manually operated and only went up or down and you had to make sure that no one else was using it when you wanted to go down to the Mess Deck or come up from it. Of course Officers and Senior enlisted Personnel CPO and above always had preference when using it.


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