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Escape Rooms

I just saw this concept on Impractical Jokers. Every episode ends with one of the Jokers receiving a punishment for having lost the individual challenges of the show. Last night Sal had to go into an Escape Room with 9 other people and do something that would make the rest of his team not want him in the room anymore.
Now I learn that iOTWreport friend, Chris Cassone, is a major player in the Escape Room gaming world.
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You are locked in a room with up to nine other people. They could be known to you but chances are they are strangers. The group is given 60 minutes to find the key to the locked door by uncovering clues that lead to additional puzzles that lead to “meta-puzzles.” Solve those larger brain teasers and you might just get out in time.
Escape Rooms evolved from the gaming world’s video escape games and other role playing games like Dungeons and Dragons. The first live escape rooms opened in Japan just three years ago. These 60 minute, easily playable-by-all immersion games have exploded like wildfire. Many have themes- Victorian (Sherlock-esque), Spy (Mission Impossible), future, techno and horror.
Chris Cassone has thrown his hat in the ring with his corporate team building Escape Game. And while every room is themed (spy, horror, Sherlock, etc.) true to his rock roots he gives the Escape Room world “Hotel California.”  (Last year Cassone reached #9 on the Billboard charts as cowriter of Ace Frehley’s long anticipated latest album.)
Here’s a taste of Hotel California:
You and your friends awaken after a night of intense partying with the rock stars who played the arena last night. The band is nowhere to be found, but now you’re locked inside their trashed hotel room with damages in the tens of thousands of dollars and checkout time is 60 minutes away. Oh, and what’s that baggie of white powder over there?

Every major city has more than one room escape enterprise with over 2500 around the world. The nascent industry has recently hosted its first conference in Toronto, led by Scott Nicolson whose in-depth “white paper” on Escape Rooms is a great primer.

Want the cutting edge? Try “Trapped In A Room With A Zombie” where a “zombie” is is in your room. The zombie is chain to a wall, but every five minutes the chain loosens another foot and allows the zombie to start to reach the group. Get touched and there are repercussions, so you must solve the puzzles and locate the key.​

(Idea: We put Obama in the Zombie room and throw away the key.)
Chris Cassone
Now offering team building Escape Games at your meeting place

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  1. I know there are several here in Seattle. I’m waiting for Mr. Illustr8r to go to one for team building sometime to hear what he thinks. I’m not good with puzzles so I fear it’d be me watching other people solve it while I fret about the drive home. It’s a cool concept tho-good for Chris CEO! ?

    Obama and Mooch just ruined Charlie Brown’s 50th Christmas Special. He actually did the teacher’s wahwahwah voice. Heh.

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