ESPN Bosses Warn Employees About Biased Social Media Posts [Again], Claim Network is not About Politics [Again]

Breitbart: ESPN employees met for a company-wide meeting Wednesday, at the network’s Bristol, Connecticut, headquarters.

One of the primary purposes of the meeting, was to remind employees of  the rules against overtly biased social media posts.

More than 450 employees attended the mandatory meeting, according to reports.

As the meeting began, network President John Skipper told the assembled employees, “At the end of this meeting I want you to be confident about the future of ESPN.”

Skipper added, “I want to lead an ESPN that strives purposely and confidently into a new world which is not scary but exciting.”

While the meeting also informed employees about the company’s strategies for the years ahead, especially where it concerns its many broadcast rights negotiations, a featured purpose for the gathering was to urge employees to stop posting politically charged entries on social media.

Editor-in-Chief Kevin Merida of The Undefeated came to the stage to review the network’s social media policy and reiterated that on-air personalities should steer clear of politics.

“ESPN is a journalistic organization – not a political organization. We should do nothing to undermine that position,” Merida said. “ESPN’s focus is sports. By-and-large we are not experts on politics, healthcare policies, terrorism, commerce – that’s not what we do.

“Our audience is not looking for our opinions on the general news of the day,” Merida added. “And believe me, I get it. It can sometimes be difficult to control impulses or ignore trolls, but that’s what we’re called to do for each other.”  read more

8 Comments on ESPN Bosses Warn Employees About Biased Social Media Posts [Again], Claim Network is not About Politics [Again]

  1. Geezuz the way things have been going I expected to Read “450 employees attended the meeting while 400 employees went back to work”. At some point the bleeding just won’t stop and the company will be folded or sold off in pieces. They’re getting closer to that point each day. The Mouse does not tolerate failure.

  2. I can think back to the beginning of the available Net, the Start of Texting and of coarse Facebook. From day one the Media reported on our possible exposure to those who would fish for our Private information, and use it as a Weapon against us and now look who’s going down … L.O.L !

  3. I quit watching years ago when Chris Collinsworth, with a smirk on his face asked Kobi Bryant if he was “old fashioned” because Kobi felt patriotic at the olympics. From what I can see it’s been all down hill from there.

  4. Uh. Yeah. A buncha long haired, Berkenstock wearing hippies with Che Guevera T shirts lecturing millennials, with Hillary and hammer and sickle T shirts, about not appearing to be leftists. That otta work.

  5. I HATE how much ESPN distorts the price of basic cable service because the carriers all feel obligated to carry the expensive network.

  6. I used to work with them… uhh, Unendowed…Unrepentant…Undefeated. That’s what they were called, Undefeated. And they were the most racist, autistic, shites I’ve ever seen. They were the epitome of the Educational Industrial Complex of Weapons Grade Autism.

    “Like, like, like, I hate white people, like, you know?”


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