ESPY Awards Ratings Tumble for 2nd Straight Year

The nearly 40-year-old cable sports network has been battling the perception that it leans too far to the left, but the inclusion of Obama on the show didn’t seem to help knock back that perception in the least.  – MORE

13 Comments on ESPY Awards Ratings Tumble for 2nd Straight Year

  1. Black Activist Athletes cater to 12% of the population while insulting whites. There’s no mystery here. Except for the fact ESPN hasn’t figured that out yet. Watch Football attendance and viewer ship drop AGAIN this year.

  2. What would have been interesting to see is whether the viewership dropped off at the moment Michelle Obama took to the stage. I expect they can measure that and it would be fun to see what was onstage when viewers switched it on or off.

  3. Only a left leaning organization would conveniently forget the past regime and how it so badly divided the country. Keep catering to that division and you’re bound to keep losing ground.

    Another way of looking at it, espn thinks DJT is the great divider in chief and the past regime was the great uniter.

    Failed perception in an echo chamber board room calling the shots on display. They should partner with CNN.

  4. Their “management” needs to have a finger on the National Pulse. The only finger they can see is the middle one they are getting from viewers.

  5. Another Media Giant Who’s time has passed

    Nowadays You can go right to Your Favorite team , watch highlights and

    read stories from everyday Joes who share Your love for the

    team…without being talked down to by halfwits…plus no commercials!

  6. Had a Sports radio show yammering away in the background. Guys were talking about slow NFL season ticket sales. A couple big spenders of the boner persuasion pulled their ads already, to the tune of 50 million. Refused to watch any NFL last year because of treasonous San Francisco QB. Will see how this year goes.

  7. Free will and individual intelligence leads smart people to tune out. I don’t need to be insulted and abused by people who have less than half of my intellect.
    I remember when sports was fun to watch. When you lose that you’ve lost everything.

  8. They have no remaining appeal to the general public. Their audience consists of like minded jerkoffs and a few diehards. People want sports not leftist drivel.

  9. ESPN is supposed to be about sports. When they stray, they SUCK.
    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that.

    But these libtards are an enormously stubborn breed of maroons.

  10. I learned a while back that the Sports page is the only part of the newspaper for optimists: it deals with ACCOMPLISHMENT. Breaking a record, winning a state title, team play, perseverance, yada yada. The rest of the paper is crime, fires, disagreements and free (worthless) opinions.

    You have to TRY to screw up a sports network this bad.
    As in, Bob Costas grade stoopid/obnoxious!

  11. Even our tiny local paper have been taken over with Title IX leftists. Sports pages are all girl sports. It’s like the boys don’t play sports any more. That’s not true, but one could get that impression.

  12. The too small panties, stretched high across her ass, are never quite so apparent when she’s wearing a dress.

    That’s a plus. …..Lady in Red


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