Establishment Republican Brad Little Beats Raul Labrador for Republican Governor Primary in Idaho

Breitbart: Lt. Governor Brad Little won the Republican primary for the Gubatorial race in Idaho on Tuesday, beating Freedom Caucus member Rep. Raul Labrador and business owner Tommy Ahlquist.

The hard-fought Republican primary race ended with Little winning with 37.4 percent — a five-point victory over Labrador who got 32.4 percent. Ahlquist earned 26.4 percent (99 percent of the vote reporting).

Little was endorsed by by former Idaho Governor Butch Otter and the Republican establishment and business interests while Labrador was a conservative reformer and a founding member of the Freedom Caucus. Businessman Tommy Ahlquist ran a well-funded campaign and was endorsed by failed presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

Idaho is a conservative state experiencing an economic boost from the tech industry and an extraordinarily low unemployment rate at 2.8 percent. The state’s population increased by 2.2 percent from 2016 to 2017 as Americans from other states like California are moving to enjoy the low cost of living in the state.

10 Comments on Establishment Republican Brad Little Beats Raul Labrador for Republican Governor Primary in Idaho

  1. So Mitt Romney funded the spoiler vote. Another reason not to trust him. Like we needed another reason.

  2. I’m currently thinking if I remain in California it will be the most conservative state in 4 years. Because all the assholes moved some where else.

  3. Don’t let the Idaho “conservative” label fool you. There’s a lot of folks in Idaho that have their hands out for the government free cash. They just don’t talk about it in public. Try getting a farmer to admit that the brand new pivot he just installed to irrigate his farm was 85% government funded. Here’s the database showing who takes the free money in your county for crop subsidies:
    It seems like every farmer you know is on that list. The local creamery took 300,000 in grant money a few years ago. I’m not going to buy their ice cream again until they have a taxpayer appreciation day. It looks like I’m going to be waiting for a long, long time.


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