Estimated Cost Of CA Bullet Train Just Went Up Another Billion

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Dogged by cost overruns and contract management issues, California High Speed Rail raised the estimate of its total cost by $1.3 billion on Wednesday as it released its draft business plan for 2020…

…In 2016, the draft business plan said the project would cost $64 billion, already nearly double the price tag of $33 billion initially sold to voters in 2008. In the 2018 draft business plan, the cost increase jumped by another $13 billion and $2 billion more was tacked on by the end of the year. More

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  1. When you’re spending other people’s money to buy land from your cronies, there’s no such thing as a cost overrun……there are only unforeseen added costs to consummate the purchase.
    Nephew Gavin has to see that Aunt Nancy’s beak is kept wet, you know.

  2. “The rail authority can make use of cap and trade funds and other sources”

    There you go. You can pay for it easy peasy.

  3. We need to protest the name ‘bullet’ train as being….. I dunno’, a violent toxic masculine description designed to put fear into minorities and pregnant ladies.

    That way it’ll cost even more.

    Also, pretty sure the train is running over native American burial grounds….

  4. Extrapolating from the cost and time over runs on the light rail extension from Pasadena to Azusa, I calculated it would cost $18 trillion and take 367 years to complete the not-so-bullet train.

  5. Just like you can buy every metro bus rider a new car for less than the cost of operating a bus system, you will soon be able to buy every potential bullet train rider their own airplane for less money.

  6. By the time it’s done San Francisco will have 3′ of shit to trudge through to get to it.
    No pick-up stop needed, That’s a saving!
    FFS, Vapor BS never ends…

  7. They are already taking money for it out of the gas tax increase – which they swore up and down would go only to road repair. Their argument is that ‘this is better for you’.

  8. ♪♪♪♪♪♫
    By the time I get to Phoenix,
    You’ll be bankrupt,
    You’ll find the place I left all crapped up on the floor,
    You’ll cry, when you read that you’re evicted,
    Cause you can’t afford to pay them any more…

  9. Same old game played by the same old flim-flam men on
    the same old Lefty rubes.
    Follow the money and set the top 10 cash grabbers to work
    razing and then rebuilding Alkatraz one pea sized stone at a time for the next 50 years.
    To discourage the others.

  10. I vote to change it to the Bullshit Train!

    Sing it Sister Rosetta Tharpe!
    This train don’t carry no gamblers, this train
    This train don’t carry no gamblers, this train
    This train don’t carry no gamblers,
    no whiskey drinkers, and no passengers!

  11. @Aaron Burr – You’re right: “bullet train” is painfully un-PC and must be changed. @TRF – “bullshit train” is a good suggestion.

    My candidate for a non-sexist, non-racist, non-violent, non-gun-related name is the (*drum roll*) Projectile Vomit Train.

  12. Seems kinda’ phallic ….. as long as we’re just sittin here spitballin’.

    That can’t be good.

    “High speed phallic rape machines”

    I can see that on a poster already….


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