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EU Commissioner Threatens Retaliation Against Italy if Italian Voters Elect the Wrong Political Leaders


The bizarre part, from the perspective of normal democracy, is the open admission by EU Commissar Ursula von der Leyen that she intends to punish the Italian people if they elect the wrong political leadership to run their country.  Yes, she literally threatened to punish Italy if the voters elect an Italy-first candidate tomorrow.

Having previously sanctioned Hungary and Poland for electing heads of state that are nationalist minded, Ursula von der Leyen warned the Italian people she will take the same action if Italians defy the will of the European Union collective. When asked about EU citizens demanding their elected leaders listen to their specific and unique economic needs, the EU President Stated {Direct Rumble Link}:

“We will see the result of the vote in Italy. If things go in a difficult direction — and I’ve spoken about Hungary and Poland — we have the tools.”


20 Comments on EU Commissioner Threatens Retaliation Against Italy if Italian Voters Elect the Wrong Political Leaders

  1. Does WRONG mean Ronny lovers like the Brothers of Italy?

    Bush’s NWO has been trying to run the world for 62 years; still not in control!

  2. She’s the same Euro Stepford Frau who’s pushing the “Russia forced to put washing machine computer chips in their missiles” fake news. Just a rich troll with a Jetsons hairdo. Is she one of those idle, inbred royals who’s abusing her sinecure, or did she marry some Globalist wanker to get her megaphone?

  3. A singular person problem sounds easy to fix.

    Even rural USA politics has a solution for this problem.

    Why is she still above ground and breathing is the real question.

    Take care of business, people, or you are losers in the biggest sense.

  4. Without kidding,

    The problem the Italianos have is that they have been quite unproductive & lazy since about 1945. Realistically, they weren’t that bust before 1945 either.

    – That’s why my Grandparents & Dad left.

  5. Historically, Italians don’t take to threats very well.
    Can’t say about now.
    They’ve had the shit punched out of them since around the 1100s, but that never stopped them from being stubborn.

    When the League of Nations fucked with them, they elected (or he was appointed by the King, I don’t remember) Mussolini.
    Maybe not the best move in the long run, but certainly defiant.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  6. Joe B.
    SEPTEMBER 26, 2022 AT 10:21 AM
    “And if people here in America don’t vote for the right candidate we have tools for that too.”

    HEY! Being a tool for the right candidates is MY job! And I save everybody all KINDS of trouble by making sure “enough” votes are switched to the right candidates in the FIRST place!


  7. Mikhail Gorbachev always marveled that while the Soviet Union was collapsing, the Western Europeans voted themselves in.

  8. That picture of an Italian town clinging on the side of cliffs. I see a monkey scratching his head…its got a mouth, eyes, a right arm, and a left arm scratching the top of his head. Find the mouth first and go from there.

    My interp: The new PM is making a monkey out of the Left Italians.

  9. An unelected EU bureaucrat threatening to cancel a sovereign nation’s election result. In the name of “holy democracy”.
    She’s not called Ursula Van Der Crazy for nuthink!

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