Europe Wants To Ban All Plastic Cutlery And Straws To Stop ‘Plastic Pollution’

Especially the knives, right?

DC: The European Commission proposed a ban on 10 plastic items that make up 70 percent of litter Monday in an attempt to clean up the oceans.

The Commission announced the proposal in a Monday press release, saying plastic cotton buds, cutlery, plates, straws, drink stirrers and sticks for balloons should all be banned. The ban wouldn’t be fully implemented until 2030, but by that time, the Commission estimates it will have costed businesses $3.5 billion, according to CNN Money. MORE

17 Comments on Europe Wants To Ban All Plastic Cutlery And Straws To Stop ‘Plastic Pollution’

  1. Once the plastic goes then all teeth and fingernails will be ground down
    to one eighth of an inch.

  2. How about this:
    Every person in the EU is issued a Spork, a cup, and a pewter plate. These are your eating utensils. You go to a restaurant and you forget your stuff, Oh well shithead you drink your Pinot out of a loaner cup that costs extra.
    And how about this: You are issued one hundred personal containers of various sizes. You must petition the government for replacement containers, All hygiene products are dispensed from nozzles.
    Dangerfield Pants are a thing now for visits to the smorgasbord

  3. How about all those rubbers? Approach a city port from the Mediterranean and the water is teaming with thrown away rubbers. It’s disgusting.

  4. @Poor Lazlo May 28, 2018 at 9:31 pm

    A metal spork? Well, maybe after Grate Britain is out of the EU…

  5. ban platic utensils.
    so, um, we can use metal?
    no, knives are sharp and pointy and stuff, you might put muhammad’s eye out.
    so, um, wood?
    no, wood promotes bacterial growth, spreading disease.
    so, um, eat with our hands.
    no, hands are dirty. see wood above.
    so, um, starve?


    day of the rope can’t happen soon enough.

  6. Control freaks gotta control. And the ultimate control is always a total prohibition.

    Nothing stupider than eco-green sheep and the mountains of discarded one-time-use water bottles they leave behind.

    The next virtue signaling accessory will be the Save The Planet Spork ™.
    Plus some ostentatious disposable-wipes required to keep it clean.
    The wipes will become omnipresent trash too, but hey, you bought a $29 Spork that proves you love Gaia.

  7. Going against the flow a touch I think a ban on plastic straws is not a bad idea. I’m an old guy who remembers when paper straws were made of of some sort of reinforced paper that worked just fine. Hell, if they degrade why not. Same thing with drink stirrers. Retooling back to paper would take some bucks but then the pulp/paper wood industry would expand. During the summer anywhere near a McD’s, DQ’s, Harveys (Canada) can see all the plastic straws littered all around and see them again the following years(s) and it’s not pretty especially around the shorelines.

  8. Ban Humans, they’re the main source of most of the troubles and pollution in the world. Or just ban plastic and go back to good old biodegradable wooden utensils and just keep reproducing like rabbits.


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