Even John Stossel Is Fed Up With The Witch Hunt

FBN’s high profile libertarian, John Stossel, has a simple question for all those in the media afraid that their free speech is, or will soon be, infringed upon by the current administration.  Why not shrink government?





5 Comments on Even John Stossel Is Fed Up With The Witch Hunt

  1. The media is determined they will just look up everybody’s dress until they find the witch? No one knows what they are looking for, they just keep looking!

  2. I’m sick and tired of a thoroughly corrupt Media that ignored an “untouchable”, criminal-rich, administration for eight years searching high and low (especially low) for something that doesn’t exist and just making shit up when they can’t find anything!

  3. This a test, only a test.
    Let’s see how the ignorant masses respond to this.
    This is only a test.

  4. “We don’t have any evidence, yet.” “nough said. Keep searching muddafoukers, you have seven and a half more years, maybe more.

  5. The smaller government is, the fewer problems are caused by its being corrupt, inept, and utterly forked up. Making it smaller seems a pipe dream, but is it really any less deluded than imagining it can be fixed?

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