Even liberal LA Times calls Kamala Harris ineffective in her role as vice president


The liberal Los Angeles Times said Vice President Kamala Harris has been ineffective in her role only five months after fawning over her so hard that the paper’s coverage was labeled “inappropriate and disappointing.” 

The L.A. paper was ridiculed on social media in January when it announced “Covering Kamala Harris,” a project described as “a beat dedicated to her historic rise to the White House” that was loaded with complimentary content.

piece published Wednesday by staff writer Noah Bierman headlined, “Essential Politics: Failure of elections bill shows limits of Kamala Harris’ influence,” shows what a difference five months can make. 

“Fast forward three weeks, and Democrats are where many thought they would be: nowhere. The Senate killed the House-passed ‘For the People Act’ on Tuesday, with Democrats lacking the 60 votes to overcome a Republican filibuster,” Bierman wrote. “As for Harris’ role, the takeaway was how little we saw of her. No dramatic trips to the Senate to court votes. No statements on how to find compromise. No known talks with West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin, the sole Democratic holdout in supporting the bill.” 

The Times writer then took another shot at Harris, noting “her lack of any significant engagement in the Senate has not been a surprise” to anyone who has paid attention to her political career. 


10 Comments on Even liberal LA Times calls Kamala Harris ineffective in her role as vice president

  1. Kamala has indeed been a HUGE democrat disappointment. It just seems that Kamala just can’t live up to president Dr. Jill’s high standard of ethics and responsibility.

  2. She also wants nothing to do with Biden. She physically stays as far away as possible even in photo ops.

  3. In case the LA Times hasn’t noticed her boss isn’t exactly effective either.
    The decrepit old sack of shit is nothing more than an gangrenous abscess on the nations ass.

  4. An ineffective aging slut and an ancient halfwit huckster!
    Both no more than clownish figureheads for a group of extremely evil scumbag traitors.
    Yeah, we’re in great hands!

  5. Oh, the Kalamity! Even the Main Stream Dementiacrat Media’s stenographers know that the Jamindian is not up to the position she was selected for solely because of her color and sex. Not that they didn’t know that already, after watching her failure during the primaries and her short term as an ineffective Senator. Kalamity is the Full Catastrophe waiting to be inflicted on us after Dementia Joe steps down.

  6. LAT only labled her as ineffective because she is ineffective in bringing the political death of the opposition. Not that she has failed to address the Third World flood ruining our nation. Thanks for nothing, LAT

  7. Heels up was proven effective while working on Willie browns staff, but no other accomplishments or skills.

  8. I want everyone in the federal government to be ineffective. Unless they are trying to repeal laws. Gridlock was intentional. It is part of the genius of the framers of the country.
    Notice how the media always frames gridlock as a bad thing? The house and senate members always saying “we need the opposition party to allow us to get things done.” I heard a statistic the other day saying that since 1980 to 2017 over 285,000 new laws were put into place. Every last one of those laws curtails your liberty.

    Do you notice how we never get politicians who run on repealing laws?


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