Even Megyn Kelly is clowning Fauxcahontas

DC:NBC News’ Megyn Kelly ridiculed Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren on Tuesday for her DNA test showing that she is less than two percent Native American.




Kelly rebuked the idea that the test proved that the Massachusetts Senator is Native American and chastised Warren for ever classifying herself as a minority.

NBC’s Morgan Radford argued that “acknowledging who you are isn’t using who you are.”

“It is when you are touted as the first Native American professor at Harvard Law School and you’re not Native American,” Kelly shot back, adding that it’s “not good enough” that Warren just thought she was Native American.

“We ripped on a woman not long ago, a young high school girl wearing a prom dress that was kimono style, saying she was guilty of cultural appropriation,” Kelly said. “Elizabeth Warren is out there representing that she’s got a heritage that at best is probably similar to most Americans in this country, none of whom check the box.”

“She scored on herself. She scored a goal against herself,” Kelly concluded.  WATCH

14 Comments on Even Megyn Kelly is clowning Fauxcahontas

  1. Megyn stuck her finger in the wind and realized what direction it was blowing in. Nothing new. Having said that, anytime Warren gets ripped for her Fauxness it brings a smidgen of joy to my life.

  2. The wheels have come off. Trump took them off their game and it is every man for himself as the Democrats find that their allies are no longer of use to advancing their individual ambitions. They have no collective loyalty, they have for a long time been a Party only by virtue of their mutual goal of exploitation get each other to advance a collective political end goal. The loyalty only went as deep as their fellow travelers’ value to the collective. As the individual player or constituency loses political value we will see them part and parcel thrown under the bus until chaos rules the field. It may come as soon as election night this November that the Democrat Party implodes. For the last couple decades the Democrats have been building a

  3. I thought it was Injun Joe. I don’t think we can say Injun anymore, sorry Mark Twain. Injun has become like the N word to American Indians, and don’t even bother to play Cowboys and Injuns anymore. I’m glad that I am from a different era that was allowed to say and play games that are pretty much frowned on now by gutless, weenie libtard parents if they even have kids in the first place.

  4. Warren may just be a Trans-American-Indian and just confused a few times a day as she looks for Republican scalps for her belt.

  5. geoff – Back when it took TVs two minutes to warm up and we chewed Blackjack, Clove and Teaberry gum. we played Cowboys and Indians, Cops and Robbers, Army, had rubber Bowie knives, cap guns, toy bazookas, Buckeye fights, a ‘Race issue’ meant arguing about who ran the fastest, and played baseball without adult supervision. Now Liberals have taken all that away from us and left us with Kids bringing real Bowie knives and guns to school, Kids having Kids, Kids killing Kids, Kids on drugs, Kids threatening teachers, Kids beating up teachers, etc. This must be why they call ’em Progressives!!

  6. @geoff the aardvark: Many years ago I was in Maine visiting an old Army buddy (who just happens to be 5/8 American Indian himself – and no, I don’t know how you get a weird percentage like that).

    He was leading me down a trail through a wooded area to his favorite fishing spot when we passed by an old rusty car motor that someone had dumped there. With a big grin on his face he said, “Look – a dead engine.”

    He was an inveterate punster, and I instantly realized that he had set me up for that one. I can only imagine how many people he must’ve pulled it on.



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