Even the left is starting to notice Mueller’s flop sweat


American Thinker: A good prosecutor can indict a ham sandwich, and with nothing else of substance happening, that’s what appears to be going on now with Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of Russian collusion in the election of President Donald Trump. There’s been a lot of speculation about what he was going to do in the wake of revelations that the original basis for the Trump investigation by the FBI, was based on tainted low-standard politically motivated evidence. Nothing has turned up to show anything indictable to support the left’s sour-grapes case claiming President Trump colluded with the Russians to steal the election from Hillary Clinton. So what we see now is a Special Counsel without a mission and with a vague mandate, a struggle to get scraps from very tangential matters.

Kid you not, even the leftwing Deep State press has noticed this pathetic picture. Get a load of what Mike Allen’s Axios has as its top story for Saturday, headlined:

The Mueller stories worth ignoring

Allen, who is very Washington swamp-savvy and closely read by the Beltway types, lists a litany of headlines indicating the direction the Special Counsel is going, now that the Nunes Memo and the Graham-Grassley memo have exposed the fallacy of the original investigation. It’s everything from looking at Ivanka Trump’s role in the Trump Tower meeting with a Kremlin-linked lawyer, to Trump’s adventures at the Moscow Miss Universe pageant. The reports are coming not from Mueller’s office but from what Allen calls “gabby witnesses” who got asked such questions from the Mueller team and then told the press. Not exactly the stuff of collusion. MORE

7 Comments on Even the left is starting to notice Mueller’s flop sweat

  1. Holder Obung never-wasser-hair Schultz Abcessadien
    & Killery all need to be INVESTIGATED.There is
    tons of evidence.

  2. Mueller was hired for only one reason :


    He cannot end the investigation without admitting his failure.

    Mr. Mueller has chronically leaked classified and privileged information to the corrupt MSM. This is
    In and of itself a CRIME

    It is time to investigate and INDICT Mr. Mueller.

  3. That dumbass Eric Holder is predicting that Mueller already has an indictment prepared for Trump. Somebody on Mueller’s team must have told him that just to get him to stop being such a pest.

  4. For something that was supposedly such a slam dunk, so obvious they needed a special prosecutor right away, the’ve got nothing.
    Stop the persecution.


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