Event Commemorating Tulsa Race Massacre Canceled After Survivors Demand $1 Million Each to Appear – IOTW Report

Event Commemorating Tulsa Race Massacre Canceled After Survivors Demand $1 Million Each to Appear

As usual, this isn’t about black. It’s about green.

PJM: An event to commemorate the 100-year anniversary of the Tulsa race massacre was suddenly canceled after the three surviving victims demanded $1 million to appear and $50 million donated to a reparations fund.

Singer John Legend was to host the event with the keynote address given by Georgia race activist Stacey Abrams. Other events associated with the commemoration will proceed as scheduled and Joe Biden will be in Tulsa on Tuesday.

Attorneys representing the survivors had originally agreed to a $100,000 appearance fee for each survivor and $2 million in reparations. Then, suddenly, attorneys upped the appearance fee to $1 million and seed money for the reparations commission demand to $50 million. MORE —> Event Commemorating Tulsa Race Massacre Canceled – PJ Media.

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  1. Abrams heard the Golden Corral was closed for remodeling.

  2. I’m laughing hard at this. Of Course they want more cash. They know how much Tank Abrams has been collecting and they want some, too.

  3. The Tulsa Massacre was horrible and needs to be remembered. Too bad the lawyers and civil rights hustlers sullied the memorial / remembrance.

  4. I want to be a race hustler when I grow up!

  5. John Legend, Stacey Abrams,and Joe Biden, that’s a pile of dog shit if I ever stepped in one.

  6. I got their reparations covered. Let’s every White American buy every black American a one-way ticket back to Africa.

    There. Problem solved.

  7. FFS… This happened 100 years ago. Just how many survivors are there still alive? Was this battle fought by toddlers? I’d wager that every one of these “survivors” is, in fact, a grifter collecting SSI benefits under a stolen ID of someone who has been dead for decades. This is really popular in the “black community”. That’s why the Medicare books have a quarter million people over 110 years old on the eligibility lists.

  8. There are no survivors, there are few who related to those involved. I love how the history has totally changed on what for 100 years was called race riots and it’s all thanks to an idiot leftist Republican mayor.

    Was what happened stupid? Yes. Were there ignorant white people? Yes. Were there ignorant black people? Yes.

    Now nobody talks about what started it and they make the black wall street sound like way more than it actually was.
    They don’t even mention now that white people died as well, a few who were trying to stop it.

    Those that blame the police don’t mention they were trying to protect the teen who the white men were wanting to lynch. They don’t mention all hell broke loose when a black man fired the first shot. They don’t mention that blacks also set fires. They have way exaggerated the number killed.

    Even today I see very little coverage of them breaking the law this year with their protest, they blocked roads, they did a hell of a lot more than carry weapons, they brandished weapons and some were ignorant and accidentally fired their weapons because they didn’t know how to handle them. Very damn lucky nobody got shot. Not much coverage on them chanting, “Black Power!” “We own these streets!” I don’t think anyone has covered a few of them who said they were going to start killing every white person they see.

    They can cry all they want, maybe the leftist idiot Tulsa has for a mayor will waste more of Tulsa taxpayer money and give it to them, he’s wasted plenty trying to find these mass graves.

  9. Hahahahahahaha!!!!
    Can’t say I really GAF.
    Their greed has put the kibosh on their Reparations Propaganda Scam!
    Well, ain’t that a shame?

    izlamo delenda est …

  10. Compare with Trump, who donated all his presidential salary to WORTHY causes, like Veterans.
    Selfish, spoiled, arrogant children.

  11. “and Joe Biden will be in Tulsa on Tuesday.”

    To no audience.

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