Ever Feel Like You’re Being Watched?

Class action lawsuit filed over accusations that Apple and Google are recording users without their knowledge.


According to reports, a recent lawsuit alleges that the virtual assistants of big tech companies like Apple and Google are listening in on users even when they are not supposed to.

A judge has ruled that Apple will have to fight a lawsuit brought by users in federal court in California which alleges that Apple’s voice assistant Siri is improperly recording users’ conversations. 

The Washington Post reported that the judge ruled that the lawsuit would continue despite Apple’s many attempts to have the suit thrown out. 

Judge Jeffrey S. White of the federal district court in Oakland did dismiss one element of the lawsuit, which involved users’ economic harm.

However, he did finally rule that the plaintiffs could continue pursuing allegations that Siri activated without prompting and recorded user conversations that it shouldn’t have. read more

17 Comments on Ever Feel Like You’re Being Watched?

  1. Uncle Al ʘ
    SEPTEMBER 8, 2021 AT 2:08 AM
    “Siri, evaluate each of these statements for accuracy, please:

    Statement A: Statement B is true.
    Statement B: Statement A is false.”

    …as with most things in life, the original Star Trek already covered this (at 1:30)…


  2. TRF
    SEPTEMBER 8, 2021 AT 6:55 AM
    “I long for the old days with pay phones and the Western Electric in the hallway!”

    …I just like being able to say things like “I’ll be travelling so you won’t be able to get ahold of me for awhile…”

    …THOSE days are gone forever…

  3. I have an acquaintance who’s Siri would ask her questions without being prompted. It totally creeped her out. And she works pretty high up in Big Tech too, so It wasn’t the tech that bugged her, it was the invasion of privacy.

  4. SNS – I have a dream of people one day marching past a pile of cell phones, each one chucking theirs on to the pile as they go past!

    Yeah I know… it’s only a dream… but it could happen!

  5. I’ve posted here before the most secure phones on the market are the Blackberry’s. I’ve been putting off replacing my I phone 6, but I just cracked the screen on it. There’s also a “Pegasus Spyware”the spooks are putting on your phone if you do things like comment on right leaning blogs.

  6. I have an iphone with the Siri function turned off (supposedly) and I have no Alexa-equipped items in the house. That said, I still assume everything I say or write can be monitored by someone, somewhere. Unless I get rid of all electronic devices and move to a cabin in the deep woods, I will continue to assume that. Not paranoid, just realistic.

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