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Ever Wanted a Purebred Cat but Didn’t Want to Pay Breeder Prices?

Have I got a solution for you. There are a number of rescues that specialize in beautiful purebred and near purebreds (titles are linked to rescues). Some shelters specialize by bred. Adopting one of these fine creatures not only save you money but provides a new home for a worthy companion. Here

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  1. Well hopefully they’re not like a lot of rescues in my area that basically want you to allow them an open invitation to your house at any time of the day or night for the next 5 years.

    I was going to adopt a dog once until I read the contract. Some of the things I would have had to agree to: allow indoor and outdoor home visits within 6 hours of them requesting a visit for up to 60 months.
    Mail them copies of yearly vet visits invoices.
    Not to move without giving them 60 days notice and allowing them to inspect new residence.
    Allow them to run background and credit checks.

    In addition they wanted a $500 adoption fee and this was several years ago when you could buy a registered dog for less than that.

    I haven’t returned to a rescue since.

  2. My parents adopted a lovely Himalayan from one of these purebred rescues, he was a great companion to them for 12 years and just passed away this November. Definitely some great rescues out there working with purebreds these days

  3. We’ve always had the old fashioned domestic short hair rescue kitties. If you want a purebred, that’s okay too, as long as the kitty gets a furever home.

  4. @ D.Bag,
    Or just catch them young…Ishmael and teach them to use the commode.

  5. ish not Ishmael…..fargin auto correct.

  6. All of my cats have been either from a rescue shelter or found in the wild. I will never go to a breeder or pet farm.

  7. I have no use for pure bred anything. It’s devolution, not evolution. Less and less genes to express as you get more “special” and less corrective cover within the genome to cover mistakes and mutations. That’s why pure breeds have so many congenital problems.

    Back in 2012, a neighbor abandoned the all black kitty that now lives, mostly, on my front porch. Tried to bring her in when it was 110 degrees and when it was 15 degrees. NOPE! wants nothing to do with indoor living.

    She has left the remains of many a small-critter meal at my front door over the years.

    All in black and a deadly killer. I named her Ninja Kitty.

    Lowest maintenance kitty I’ve ever had. I only chipped her so her feeder could read it and open up for her. It only took a week before her freeloading cat friends were gone.

    Just recently learned I need to pass on my indoor kitty, Nikki. She has been spending a lot of time in the back yard and she will even use it for a litter box. I thought that saved me kitty litter, buuut.. The dog has been eating many of them and it’s making him sick all the time. I thought keeping him from the litter box was enough until I witnessed that.


  8. Never seen a Bengal before looks absolutely gorgeous, might have to see about it.
    I am an equal opportunity landlord, I have cats, dogs, and occasionally bother visitors at Casa De Wacko on a ongoing basis.

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