Every Book Ever Written Can Now Fit On One Postage Stamp Sized Hard Drive


Dutch scientists have created the world’s smallest hard disk by manipulating chlorine atoms in order to store a kilobyte of data on a microscopic storage drive. The invention means every book ever written could be stored on an itty-bitty device.

The team at Delft University’s Kavli Institute of Nanoscience wrote 1 kilobyte (8,000 bits) of data in an area just 96 nanometers wide and 126 nanometers tall. The tiny hard disk proved to be 500 times better than the best hard drives currently on the market.

“In theory, this storage density would allow all books ever created by humans to be written on a single post stamp,”lead researcher Sander Otte said in a statement.

It’s drawback?

It reads and writes slow.

Oh, and it has to be in an ultra-clean environment.

Oh, and it has to stay cold. Like -321˚.

Despite this, the breakthrough is still remarkable, and its applications are promising.

ht/ Frederick William Dame

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  1. …and someday, cold fusion generators will be the size of a small chest freezer and just as cheap…. Waiting patiently!

  2. But before all this happens, air conditioning and refrigeration will destroy the planet. As per John (Medals) Kerry. So there!

  3. Gee Wally, we all know why they put chlorine in the pool.
    Does this neutralize Leftist propaganda when they pee on our heads and tell us it’s just raining?

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