“Every political issue has a theoretical path to SCOTUS” THEREFORE, TRUMP MUST BE PRESIDENT OVER HILLARY

Hugh Hewitt, a Trump detractor and someone who’s dangled a toe in the #NeverTrump waters, has had an epiphany- “Hey, if I don’t vote for Trump, Hillary gets all the upcoming SCOTUS picks.”

No sh!t.

Still, though, there are bitter clingers (clinging to arguments that don’t hold their weight in pi$$water) out there who say, “Trump is lying,” “Trump will pick liberals,” “Trump is orange and wears a toupee.”

And when Hillary wins, because of #NeverTrump, and stacks the courts with progressive activists, as promised, nobody is going to think of what might have been. Nobody at all.

And Trump won’t be on the sidelines, every step of the way, explaining what he would have done, picks he would have made, contrasting the progressive hell we will be enduring with the conservative-friendly tack he would have been employing.

And #NeverTrump won’t be a pariah, no, not at all, mealy-mouthing from the sidelines, still, that “Trump is lying.”


Of course I am voting for Donald Trump. You should be too if you are a conservative. Let me break this down into three arguments, the first of which is Trump’s trump card on the #NeverTrumpers.

If Hillary Clinton wins, the Left gavels in a solid, lasting, almost certainly permanent majority on the Supreme Court. Every political issue has a theoretical path to SCOTUS, and only self-imposed judicial restraint has checked the Court’s appetite and reach for two centuries.

That restraint will be gone when HRC’s first appointee is sworn in. Finished.

This is not hyperbole. I have the advantage of having taught Con Law for 20 years, of having argued before very liberal appellate judges like Judge Stephen Reinhardt of the very liberal Ninth Circuit, of practicing with the best litigators in the land, and I know what a very liberal SCOTUS means: conservatism is done. It cannot survive a strong-willed liberal majority on the Supreme Court. Every issue, EVERY issue, will end up there, and the legislatures’ judgments will matter not a bit.


ht/ C. Steven Tucker

7 Comments on “Every political issue has a theoretical path to SCOTUS” THEREFORE, TRUMP MUST BE PRESIDENT OVER HILLARY

  1. When conservatives finally realize that a vote to stay home, for Gary Johnson or Durk the Wonderdog is actually a VOTE FOR HILLARY, it’s a beautiful thing.

    Hey, Hughie. One… Two… Three… DOH!!!!!!!11

  2. And Trump needs a GOP majority in the senate to nominate his judges. Be sure he gets it! Vote Trump at the top of the ticket and for every Republican name down the ballot!

  3. Captain Obvious to the rescue.

    HH was the idiot who wanted to rewrite the convention rules so Trump couldn’t get the nomination. Do these knuckleheads understand no one one else had a snowballs chance in hell of beating her???

  4. Even a blind squirrel…

    So the light bulb went off in Hewitt’s head. Welcome to the party pal. Now tattoo this post on the inside of The Sweaty Thumb’s eyelids.

  5. Some things seem self-evident.

    Until you realize that not everyone has the knowledge and background for “self-evident” to be evident, at all!

    If I was a weepy sort, I’d weep for my country.
    As it is, I’m just supremely pissed that, supposedly, smart people can’t connect two dots with a line.

    HRC isn’t just a liar, a thief, a grifter, a corrupter, and a murderer – she is EVIL – everything she does, or proposes, is towards the detriment of our country – towards the destruction of civilization – towards chaos and despair.

    The woman and those who support her are a curse and a plague on mankind.

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. The moment Clinton wins, Ginsberg retires and probably Stevens as well. That gives her three Judges and with two extremely liberals that Obama appointed gives the progressives SCOTUS for the next 25 years. Even if you hate Trump you get another shot at him in only 4.

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