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Every Roadside Fireworks Stand

It’s that time of year, when you drive past that pole building along the interstate tempting you to pull in and load up on all kinds of wondrous flash bangs. Maybe this is the year the neighbors stop by and complement you for lighting up the night without burning down the the sub division.

If you have yet to stop by, here’s a little introduction to what awaits you among this year’s selections. Watch

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  1. Here in North Florida, the real fireworks are prohibited for private use.
    However, local police do nothing about the people who load up on the real stuff from Alabama and shoot them off all night.
    Our little Maltese goes nuts around this time and New Yea’s eve.

  2. My cousins literally blew a telephone pole out of the ground back in the 60’s. The cops tracked them down and told them to never do it again.

  3. Get your dog a Thundershirt. Mine acts like I’ve given him a shot of heroin when I put his on.

  4. Enjoy it while you can….at the going rate, soon we won’t be able to celebrate anything patriotic.

  5. Nothing in our phony Washington worth celebrating about any more, Sorry, saving up for live ammo.

  6. Real M-80’s were outlawed federally in 1964.
    10 years in jail for manufactoring and 25k$ fine.
    We had them in Charleston.SC in 1970. $7.50
    for a gross ! alot of fun in my youth.

  7. I used to enjoy fireworks. Time in Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan and other places have made fireworks something I no longer care for.

  8. a fireworks vid w/ no fireworks???
    & who was that motormouth? what’s w/ all the knives? Bill the Butcher’s son?

    btw, used to get knives like that for my childhood birthdays …. back in the ’50’s

  9. As a kid, I liked fooling around with fireworks, but by 13, I outgrew it. But I know some guys who never outgrew it. They spend thousands on the stuff. I don’t get it.

  10. Lilly was inconsolable last night, head in my lap, shaking and drooling. So tonight I gave her a Benadryl and she did a lot better. Gonna give her one tomorrow too.

  11. Remember, kids – fireworks are dangerous. Leave them to the adults who have been drinking all day.

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