“Every time Joe Manchin gets in front of a camera he takes a steaming dookie all over the left’s hopes and dreams.”


LWC: Every time Joe Manchin gets in front of a camera he takes a steaming dookie all over the left’s hopes and dreams. On Tuesday, a reporter asked him what he says to “some people” who feel they are losing their right to vote because Manchin and Sinema are holding up legislation. The cornerstone of the left’s repeated invalid truths about “voting rights” is that anything short of a federal take over will result in Republicans canceling elections and the end of democracy. Manchin says it’s bullplop.

It’s at the end of this video. Before that is a helpful reminder that Manchin agrees with a lot of the Democrat plot to federalize election. And much like Kyrsten Sinema, while it’s enjoyable to revel in the misery Manchin causes leftists in this country, he still agrees with them on most things. more here

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  1. Murkowski Senate speech on voter wrongs bill and filibuster.
    I couldn’t take 22 minutes of her crap so I did some serious skips. It appears she agrees with some of the voter wrongs bill, but says filibuster needs to stay.


  2. I haven’t heard much about that NASA bill the Dems gutted and are wearing as a Voting Right skin suit. I have to assume that it is moving along quietly in the Uniparty backwaters while we focus on the Manchin Filibuster Show.

  3. Romney and Murkowski are targets they are working on to get the voter bill done.
    There are plenty of republicans that have benefited from the cheating over the years and aren’t against a rigged system.

  4. Much like the personality ‘Dr. Oz’ agreeing on one important point isn’t a reason to vote for a person. A minimum of sixty percent agreement with no cardinal issues in disagreement would seem appropriate.

  5. He’s a scummy pol. Angling for a 2024 nod to run.

    I’ll tell who has got a grip, it’s that hispanic VA AG. Not many like him. Of course you fire EVERYONE in your domain that was appointed by your predecessor. Hear that DJT? I’ll bet you a donut DeSantis doesn’t make that mistake.

  6. The story does get it right. Manchin is against the filibuster, voting rights, and infrastructure bills, but in general, he does side with the dems. I know many are encouraging him to turn independent, or even republican, but that would not stop him from normally voting for the left.

    Do not misunderstand, I am glad he is stopping the far-left agenda, but he is doing it to save his position. IMHO

  7. My wife likes to watch the early local news and it is being preempted. I heard his idiotic blather in the background.

  8. @Anon – difficult questions? Not holding my breath.
    More along the lines of “why do you think you aren’t given enough credit for xxx?”, “Why are you being blocked by the racists and bigots?”

  9. Jesus Christ, I need a drink and a shower after listening to that “Pull Shit Outta My Ass And Throw It On The Wall” presser by a weak, frail, blustering, bragging, stumbling, bumbling, crooked-ass idiot who was installed like a toilet by a criminally corrupt political system! “We’re better off now than we were a year ago” WTF! This Gaping Asshole has deliberately thrown a wrench into everything he can get his corrupt, grubby, pervy hands on and then has the balls to tell us we’re better off??
    Holy shit! Where’s the Tylonol!

  10. I tuned out when he asked what President has done more than he had. If your talking about efforts to destroy the country your definitely number one. They are Catholic(maybe) and his father could have pulled out and left the bastid on the sheets.

  11. Don’t trust ANY democrat. Look for the real motive why they are doing this.
    There is no moderate or even a sane democrat out there.
    No such thing exists.

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