Every time we have a little heat wave, the media act as if this is the worst one ever

American Thinker:

For the last several days, the U.S. has experienced a heat wave, and the media are acting as if it is the worst we have ever seen.

This morning on Fox News, they talked of the deadly heat wave that looks as if it will mostly end tomorrow.  Then this morning, Fox called it a deadly heat wave with nationwide deaths already up to six attributed to the heat.  The public is repeatedly told how to keep cool because we have no idea.  How did previous generations know?

They talk about the whole thing as though it were something new.

In the first Democrat debate, one of the candidates said one of the stupidest things I have ever heard.  Jay Inslee, the governor of Washington, said global warming or climate change caused by humans is an existential threat, and this is the first generation that has had to deal with climate change and the last one that will be able to fix it.  Neither the moderators nor anyone else challenged him.

It appears that the media and other Democrats need a history lesson on climate change. 

The following is a small sample of articles on how climate has always changed throughout history, going from warming to cooling to warming to cooling.  Clearly, it has always changed naturally.  The articles also show that many more people die from cold than heat. more here

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  1. Typical VA summer. Just made a little worse by TS Barry, which caused the whole thing.

    Tell me this hasn’t happened before. Too bad it was my whole summer vacation 😃

  2. “…one of the candidates said one of the stupidest things I have ever heard.”

    …dumb, yes, but I don’t think they’ll EVER beat the stupidest thing EVER said.

    …that would be “President Obama”

    …although “President Biden” WOULD be a close second

  3. Remember the idiot in the boat… and then a couple of guys walk by in mud boots?

    The weather media in a nutshell.

  4. Certainly no day to be on a roof here. I went out to tend my tomato’s and do a little weeding. I lasted three minutes. Phuck the tomatoes.
    I just can’t figure out why Al Gore and all these scientists can’t control this shit. I mean they’ve been harpin’ on it for years now. They should know when it’s going to get too hot and stop it. All I know is when they take our air conditioners away and ban electricity, oil and gas, to save the fucking planet, us old folks are goin’ to croke, big time.
    If these progressive, green, motherf**kers take over in 2020, we’ed be better off under Stalin or Pot Pol.
    I’d rather be shot dead or hung, than to slowly die gasping for air. Yes, Live Free or Die.
    God gave us the ability to have these comforts, not Algore and his scientists. Fuckemall!

  5. End of July,, come August we are all going DIE!
    ‘cept for democrats,,,
    IT’S hot STUPID!
    (for Fur’s sake, and yours and mine)

  6. This is the Bullshit that is directly responsible for a lack of knowledge in history, plus the relentless pursuit of commies to subvert America.

  7. The constant media threats of (paraphrasing) “Don’t go out in the HEAT or you WILL DIE!” were annoying. The weather stations ALWAYS over play their hand and I am tired of it. I played golf Saturday and Sunday morning, with a woman who is 75. She’d been warned by family members not to play due to the heat. We both shrugged and figured okay it’s hot…we ain’t jogging 10 miles (we don’t ride, we use pull carts). And we made it just fine. Sunday, after golf, I mowed my lawn – behind a walking lawnmower. People have grown too soft, and too gullible, letting the weather dicators scare ’em.

  8. And the fudgenuts are NOWHERE to be found, when it’s time to shovel 12″ of global climate warming peace, love, & doob crystals off my driveway in January! 😡

  9. I remember hiking into the bottom of the Grand Canyon and it was 118, at the top. That set my standard for HOT.

    Learned to appreciate very warm water. And when I got to the bottom near Phantom Ranch? Got bit by a scorpion in the left knee.

    When that happens, all of your outer extremities go numb.

    Hiked out the next morning, threw up at the top.

  10. New York Time ~ “RECORD HEAT HOLDS GRIP ON THE EAST; RELIEF IS ON WAY; Chicago and St. Louis Report 18 Fatalities Each–High Temperatures Abate in West.250 FELLED IN FORD PLANTTwo Killed in Cyclone in NewJersey, Where Entire Fruit and Berry Crop Is Imperiled. RECORDS BROKEN UP-STATE High Humidity Adds to Discomfort Here With Mercury at 90–Wave Due to End Tomorrow. Two Die in Jersey Cyclone. RECORD HEAT KEEPS GRIP ON THE EAST Hourly Temperature Chart. Boy Drowns in Bronx. Records Set Up-State. 250 Felled in Ford Plant. STORMS GIVE RELIEF IN WEST. Temperature Drops in Chicago–Bolt Kills Two in Indianapolis. TWISTER STRIKES JERSEY. Hail and Lightning Storm Raze Crops–Two Killed.”

    oh, wait … that’s from July 2, 1931

    & here … https://www.al.com/news/huntsville/2014/07/some_cool_history_for_todays_1.html

    & here …

    I remember my great-granddad & both grandfathers wearing coats & ties, every day, including ‘heat waves’ back in the ’50’s through the ’80’s (of course, great-granddad passed away before then), the most they did was take off their suit jackets … get a grip … we’ve become a nation of pansies

  11. …and Jussie Smollett walks around Chicago wearing a new noose, wondering if it’s believably MAGA weather THIS time…

  12. It’s gonna get so damn hot in Wash DC, I bet both houses of Congress wimp out and take the whole month of August off !! What? they do that every year? Because it gets so hot in DC, EVERY YEAR ??? In AUGUST ??

  13. Hot? These clowns don’t know hot. Try working in an attic to do plumbing, AC work, electrical work, telephone work…

    An attic, just like a big van, can get to 140… 160, even.

    That’s the shit will kill you quickly. Your brain ceases to function. You get to the point that you have no idea you cognitive abilities are dead. Your second man says, “You been in there 10 minutes, time to come out.”

    And you reply, “It’s that fucking cat!”

    “What cat?”

    “That fucking cat!”

    “I think you have lost it.”

    “Lost what? Chevy. Bricks! Fucking Tudor Soviet Fuckstick! I fell. Ohh, shit!”

  14. To be fair, they’ve got to get viewers, and they do it by sensationalizing the news. Oldest story in the book.

    On the other hand, they’re corrupt scumbags, working for the most vile waste trying to destroy out nation. So no quarter given.

  15. Today is the anniversary of the day Mr. Carrier invented the air conditioner. It’s a national holiday in Texas. I also had to purchase a brand new complete central air conditioning system today as the old one finally bought the farm.

  16. @ Hey Groucho Marxist
    I’m in the Beaumont area and we are going to be blessed with a cool front starting tomorrow. Low Wednesday night of 66 and high of only 85 with low humidity. Almost unheard of this time of year. It will feel like Christmastime!

  17. These science “experts” aren’t aware the earth isn’t 100% stable.

    If they believed in the big bang, they know anything could happen at any moment.

  18. The big clue about this fraud is when challenged to a debate they’ll avoid you like you were shedding a deadly virus.

  19. It’s when people begin to question what they’re being told by so called authorities is when their eyes finally open. Those that do are still in the minority.


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