Everything is blowing up in CNN’s face

CNN has kept the Great Trump/Russia Collusion Case alive for far longer than a lot of lefties would have liked it to live.

Obama and The Clintons are just a few of the people who are probably absolutely livid with CNN’s obsession, spearheaded by the idiot Chris Cuomo and company.

With their poking and prodding, the name Natalia Veselnitskaya resurfaced, and it’s looking more and more like if this thread is pulled, the people CNN usual run cover for are the ones that are going to be damaged.

The Co-Founder of Fusion GPS, the firm that cobbled together the fake Steele Dossier that supposedly had all sorts of dirt on Trump, is refusing to testify before the senate. One wonders what this guy knows and why he is clamming up.

Look for a mysterious heart attack, accident or suicide in this guy’s immediate future.

CNN also managed to reintroduce the term The Magnitsky Act back into the ether. This, of course, was the topic the “Russian agent” that wanted to meet with Don Jr. wanted to talk about. She used a bait and switch approach to the meeting, saying she had dirt on Hillary, but began discussing the Magnitsky Act.

People searching the term have re-unearthed a forgotten Wikileaks email where the Clinton team bragged about quashing a story. Bill received a $500,000 speaking fee for the promise of mentioning over and over that Hillary was opposed to the Russian sanctions put in place by the Magnitsky Act.

As the dots are being connected, Trump is emerging innocent and unscathed, and CNN’s favored sons and daughters are looking dirtier than ever.

Good job guys!

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  1. The best thing about this is that we will be able to point at it for decades and tell people:
    “THIS is what a real democRAT is!”

    The internet is forever.

  2. Screw cnn, a prosecutor should be on top of this. I can’t understand what the hold up is. All we have is that fraud Mueller and his bloated crew of lefties digging for something to smear Trump with. Sessions needs to get off his ass.

  3. Sessions was one of the few men up there that I thought was a decent and honorable man. I’m beginning to wonder.

  4. Unfortunately, or fortunately, (actual luck has nothing to do with it) I don’t believe a wide swath of the American voters (including the vast numbers of illegals) really give a flying fig about the crap and lies that CNN and their fellow travelers spew over the airwaves and interwebz. Most people seem to get bored after about 20 seconds of anything (except sex … and computer games) and are probably just yawning and blowing snot-bubbles when the talking heads start blathering their bullshit about “the Russian Connection.” My guess is that most 16 to 30 year olds couldn’t find Russia on a map or give a concise rendering of its history since Gorbachev. “But I have been wrong, before.”

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. CNN is populated with liberal talking heads who love big government, and then CNN proves over and over again that big government is corrupt.

  6. Well, it took thousands of trained soldiers with advanced weapons and tactics to exterminate ISIS in Raqqa and Mosul. CNN is ISIS.

    Going to need a few B52 JDAM sorties before it dies.

  7. CNN is only a crude bullhorn blaring out leaks and evidence from government agencies and government investigations. If Clinton and Obama should be pissed at anybody, it should be their own tools. I was wondering about the sudden speculation that Trump was going to fire Mueller. Now it is clear: they want him to fire Mueller, so they can make this all about Mueller’s firing. The Comey firing caught them off guard, and they were unprepared to make the Russia story all about his firing. Plus, there were more revelations about Comey’s crookedness. So now, with “standup guy” Mueller there to get fired by PDT, they think they can finally maneuver away from Russia and into the New Saturday Night Massacre Scandal.

    PDT, don’t fire Mueller and his Clinton/Obama donor/crony crue. Martyrdom is what they want. Let them stew in their own juices for a while.

  8. Everytime I have surfed past CNN and MSNBC it’s always RUSSIA, ALWAYS! You talk about a one trick pony. They’ve got it in spades.

  9. Trump should let slip that Mueller is looking hard into the Fusion GPS Golden Dossier. That’s what the Donkeys wanted, right?

  10. One hopes the Mueller is doing an honest job and will find nothing regarding Trump but plenty regarding Clinton and Obama and is honest enough to report it with giving the benefit of a heads up to them. If Trump is forced to fire him you can bet that he (unlike other Presidents) will let the people know exactly why he was fired and if it included collusion with Democrats to frame Trump and the criminal investigation that will commence. Mueller has to know he’s not dealing with your average President here.

  11. I think it’s common knowledge hundreds of Democrats are guilty as hell and the establishment is trying to find a way to keep their friends from jail. The “optics” won’t allow the devastation of the past president, most of his administration, the DNC and the big money players who financed them.

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