Everything is racist, apparently, even swimsuit wedgies


An Alaska high school swimmer won the 100-meter freestyle at Friday night’s meet, only to be disqualified—apparently because her swimsuit had ridden up during the race. Breckynn Willis, 17, is described by the Washington Post as a “champion” on Anchorage’s Dimond High School team, but she was disqualified over a uniform violation, the Anchorage Daily News reports. The National Federation of High Schools has a rule stating females’ buttocks and breasts must be covered while swimming, and one of the officials working the meet says the referee who made the call told her the teen’s school-issued bathing suit “was so far up I could see butt cheek touching butt cheek.” “We have a term for it—it’s called a suit wedgie, and if you’ve ever been a swimmer, you’ve had one,” says another local swim coach.

She’s being discriminated against because she’s black??? C’mon. This is getting absurd.

That coach, West High’s Lauren Langford, was so dismayed at the referee’s call that she wrote a blog post about the incident, in which she alleged that “this young lady and her sisters are being targeted not for the way they wear their suits but for the way those suits fit their curvier, fuller figured bodies.” Langford tells the Post she also believes racism is coming into play, because the teen—a top-ranked swimmer likely to go on to compete at the collegiate level—and her sisters are non-white athletes excelling in a predominantly white sport.


Hokayyyyyyy… I’m done with this RACISM CRAP!!!

No, not actual racism, the claim that racism is at work against EVERYONE EVERYWHERE.

No one gives a shite if you have one black or brown parent.

And here’s another pro tip: If you’re cute, like these two sisters are, you get PREFERENTIAL treatment, no matter what color you are. That’s the way of the world.

Yeah. They’re going to have a rough time in life. Especially with their curvy bodies.

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  1. …you must be very, very careful when discussing “athletes of color”, as Jimmy the Greek could tell you if he weren’t made an unperson for just that…and no, you younger folk have no idea who that is, but he was a VERY popular and well-known sports commentator right up until he noted that Black athletes seem to have better physical attributes by and large than White ones for some sports. This was in the Reagan years, and if they did that THEN, just IMAGINE the scourging they’d give NOW if anyone were to note physical difference between the races for any purpose than using it to call “rayyyciss”…


    …and yes, because, rayyyciss, they HAD to associate it with Donald Trump in 2016 even though Jimmy the Greek died in 1996…


    …gots to love you some political correctness, nicht wahr? Such nice friendliness in our modern-day Pharisee, such open mindedness and tolerance the have…

  2. future in politics like the black lady from Califpornia who got her in-dorsement from Willie Brown?

  3. “…this young lady and her sisters are being targeted not for the way they wear their suits…”

    So they wear their suits like that intentionally, and it was no accident? That’s what it seems like to me. I guess the black power fists and anthem-kneeling comes next.

  4. I keep thinking of Chapelle’s riff on “Jusee Smolliet”. “We blacks, we ALL knew he was lyin'” (Huge laughter and applause)

    The joke’s on us if we take any of these far-fetched “racism” claims seriously. The only ones who do are gullible white people who really believe they need to carefully “check (their) white privilege”. In the case of competitive sports, doubly so. Any guesses how much it costs over the years to sponsor a competitive athlete; especially an amateur athlete? You’re not putting beans on the table every night because you’re oppressed — it’s because every spare nickel is going into your kid’s sport, hoping for the big payoff some day (college scholarships, national titles, Olympics, pro status, product endorsements, etc.)

    This unceasing, microscopic examination of everything in which a “person of color” is involved, looking for anything to justify a charge of “racism” is beyond ludicrous.

  5. “…their curvier, fuller figured bodies.”

    Those bodies do not ever win races in places where real swimming happens. Bring that tubby ass down South, girl, you’ll be eating Becky’s bubbles.

  6. If the suit wedgie was noted as she climbed out of the pool after winning then I suspect the ref didn’t give her the chance to use the index figure, two handed back of the suit reset that I’ve seen every swimmer/diver use after a race. If that’s the case then the ref is a dick.
    In any event the teacher is an even bigger dick for throwing the race card in her response when it wasn’t needed. What the hell kind of lesson she’s teaching these two girls and for that matter the whole younger community that read it. Stupid, stupid woman.

  7. The ref seems to take an unhealthy interest in the butts of these female swimmers. Would the ruling be the same if the swimmer were a trans-female?

  8. So if Blacks (apparently anyone with .0124 Negro blood) are so different that even swimsuits lead them into racist waters, however can they be treated equally?
    They should have a sliding scale of Largesse granted commeasuring their ‘Blackness Quotient’

  9. These girls are “people of color?” That’s laughable. Plus, it is actually a bonus in our stupid “woke” sports culture.

  10. Aren’t we all people of a color? Why does it matter so so much to liberals? I know BECAUSE THEY’RE THE FUCKING RACISTS!!! I have the Michael Jackson disease where my skin is losing pigmentation so I’m a person of no color right? It’s time to start slapping these dumb libtards up the head and tell them to STF up!

  11. Who the hell names their kid “Breckynn?”

    Name her Sally, Jane, Laura, Amy, Jill, Jessica or Michelle and be done with it.
    I loathe all of these ‘my kid will not be like the others’ names these days. Make me sick.

  12. In a response written to the blog post detailing the “racist” targeting of this swimmer, a coach writes that the swimmer has been observed pulling her swimsuit up to expose her butt and has been warned about the way she deliberately positions her swimsuit. So, there is that allegation to consider.

  13. @ Mrs radiomattm SEPTEMBER 11, 2019 AT 11:35 AM
    “The disqualification has been overturned.”

    So now buttocks can be exposed? Are these events televised? (asking for a friend)

  14. After purchasing 3 different expensive B S bottoms for tankini tops, I can say with assuredness that B S bottoms ride up even for small bottom women. The only bottoms that fit me to cover when I exit the pool are the bottoms I made. The manufacturers are not cutting the fabric with enough width of fabric close to the crotch, front and back and the elastic in the crotch area isn’t stretched sufficiently to hug the crotch.

    It’s just the way they are made. Also, the one piece suits made for swim teams are even worse. Longer torso suits might help, but I doubt it. You can’t adequately cover a hoo-haa, where there isn’t enough fabric width nor improperly stretched and stitched elastic.

  15. My son swims year-round. I work at a lot of swim meets. None of the swimmers, White or black or Asian, have trouble keeping their suit out of their crack. Breckynn needs to quit swimming and join the school twerk team.

  16. Thirdtwin,

    My guess is you are too much of a gentleman to check out teenage girls crotches and butt cracks when they get out of the pool. 🙂

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