Watch president grandpa explain why you should wear masks and when you shouldn’t. If you’re vaccinated and outside you don’t need a mask, just like the people who aren’t vaccinated, but only if others with you outside are vaccinated also, but not inside, where you all should be wearing masks even though you’re vaccinated. Unless you were vaccinated outside.


  1. “In fiction, continuity is a consistency of the characteristics of people, plot, objects, and places seen by the reader or viewer over some period of time. It is relevant to several media.

    Continuity is particularly a concern in the production of film and television due to the difficulty of rectifying an error in continuity after shooting has wrapped up. It also applies to other art forms, including novels, comics, and video games, though usually on a smaller scale. It also applies to fiction used by persons, corporations, and governments in the public eye.”

  2. Another reason to not get the gene therapy. All of my family, including distant family were at a funeral. Everyone that got their gene therapy shots starting getting sick the day after the funeral. The smart family members didn’t get a shot, none of us are sick. Those that are keep blaming it on allergies, someone gave them a cold, some even say someone gave them covid; insinuating us without gene therapy had to have given them covid. lol Not one single one of them have mentioned maybe it has something to do with the shots.
    I’ve tried to tell a few that if they were exposed to a cold, they might get really sick because the cold is a coronavirus and being exposed after getting those shots is going to make it hard on them. That’s crazy conspiracy stuff though.
    One of them told me they went to the doctor, the same one who told them the vaccine was safe and the greatest invention since the small pox vaccine that they just have a sinus infection and told them once you’ve gotten your shots, you can’t catch covid. Funny, anytime I’ve had a sinus infection, a few days on an antibiotic and I’m better. They’ve been on antibiotics for a week and no improvement, so it must just be their allergies according to them, although their trusty allergy medication just isn’t working anymore.

  3. This mask crap is such utter bullshit, it’s amazing to me. Was on a plane yesterday next to a couple with 2 masks on. Young healthy, looking with probably fully functioning immune systems that even if they caught the Chinese flu, they have over a 99% survival rate.

    The death toll are lies. The case numbers don’t matter. No flu in WA this year. Small businesses getting murdered and W/M has a record year.

    What good does it do to sometimes wear a mask? What in the fuck is the point to force everyone on a plane to wear a mask but allow everyone to remove it when they eat or drink? Does the virus avoid people eating or drinking? How does a supposed air borne virus know the difference? In WA why in God’s name are they wearing masks walking outside in the park? Or bike riding?

    Coming back to AR yesterday was like night and day. Once I got out of the airport, hardly anyone wore one. No masks in my small town and at the State Park, only tourists wearing them.

    Your TV is a portal that allows TPTB to pour nonstop lies into your home. Read the CNN news feed sometime. Or any of the alphabets. Tens of millions watch this garbage and eat it up.

  4. You cannot reach those 10’s of millions ^^^^
    The boob toob brain wash has long
    been complete…

  5. Almost no one wears a mask here (SE Texas) anymore. I was at Walmart yesterday and only about 10% had one on, plus the poor employees.

  6. So the vaccine is 95% effective against a virus that has 99.8% survival rate.

    How many of the “cases” are asymptomatic? How many of those “positives” are false, or a picking up a cold virus of the corona variety? A while back I searched for what the (supposed) COVID test tested for. I found that it tested for a corona virus. A month or two later I searched for it again. This time I found no mention of the word “corona.” The explanations all had a bunch of gobbledygook with terms no one had ever heard before. In other words, the powers that be realized that people were onto their game so they had to obfuscate the information.

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