Everything Old is New Again

Patriot Retort:  

Lately, as I’ve been reading the news, I find myself singing, “Everything old is new again,” – a little ditty by the late Australian singer/songwriter Peter Allen.

The fact is, if you are too young to remember what it was like when Ronald Reagan was President, don’t worry.

You know exactly what it was like — even if you weren’t born yet.

Because we’re living it all over again.

Take for example the Left’s defense and embrace of the totalitarian regime in North Korea.

Ben Rhodes


It’s year 1 of Trump presidency. Hard to overstate the damage he could do to the world and US leadership if he acts on his belligerent words


Everything old is new again, my friends.

This is exactly how the Left behaved when Reagan was President.

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  1. According to the Democrats if you just ignore Kim Jong Un we won’t have any problems with North Korea.
    Meanwhile he keeps building bigger and better missiles.
    If we could just guarantee Kim’s missiles would blow up only Democrats it would be okay.
    But waiting until after Tokyo or LA is hit with a NoKo thermonuclear bomb is too late to start paying attention and is not a good strategy – unless you’re an idiot or a Democrat.

  2. I agree with every thing you’ve written here. But it should come with a warning label. If tax reform is not passed because of the dysfunctional GOP watch Trump start working with the Democrats. He will be forced to in order to get anything accomplished. The Block Grant effort to destroy Obamacare already looks like it’s going down in flames.
    The economy is improving. But it will not reach it’s full potential with out Tax Reform and the destruction of Obamacare. So when and if this happens let’s try and put the blame where it belongs. And it’s not Trump.

  3. I regret that I didn’t vote for Ronald Reagan in 1980. I was still young and stupid and voted for Mr. Peanut. Live and learn and go Trump, I haven’t voted for a democrap since 1984. The one thing I learned from the left is that I don’t trust them because they lied to me when I was younger and I fell for it but now their lies don’t affect me and never will again. I despise the democraps, RINO’s especially McCain, the lamestream media, academia etc. and others who stand in Trump’s and America’s way.

  4. For pure hatred nothing tops their feelings toward Nixon. He bent to the Dems to try to accomplish some good but there was nothing he could do to satisfy their bloodlust, and the same forces alive (though weakened) today defeated him.
    He wasn’t my favorite but compared to the two he ran against there was no contest with me or the voters.

  5. The difference is’nt the “Presidents” , it’s the People reacting to them .
    With Reagan the media was against him , But this time the line between media and people reacting with Media is blurred . Everyone thinks they are the Media now !

  6. I voted for Reagan simply because I couldn’t stand Carter and everything he stood for. Apparently, so did a lot of other people.

    But I must admit that on election night, I remember thinking, “Oh my God – We just elected the star of Bedtime For Bonzo to be the President of the United States! What have we done?”

    Needless to say, I didn’t worry about it too long.



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