Everything You Wanted to Know About Covid-19

Very nice presentation, should be sent to maskholes.

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  1. A girl at my local middle school committed suicide yesterday.
    Connection is so crucial at all ages, but particularly for teens.
    Coronavirus is less lethal than seasonal flu to kids.

  2. As usual, people latch on to the original idea and no amount of new information will change their continuing to act on that idea.

  3. Downloaded.

    Just in case it gets disappeared like all the other truthful videos once they become popular at Google’s YouTube.

  4. …sure would be nice if someone could get Mike “No, Really, I’m a Republican, Fellow Kids” DeWine to watch this with Alex lidocks on, seems he’s seeing spikes from increased testing with unreliable tests in the very counties that HAVE increased testing, and after throwing in some wild ass assumptions, is dictating that everyone wear facially dehumanizing and otherwise USELESS slave garments there to signify their forced fealty to the Democrat Par…I mean, for “health” reasons, starting at 1800 today, and ending when Trump is removed from office or the Democrats figure out some OTHER way to kill anyone who disagrees with them, whichever comes first…


    …Good news is, all the LEOs are saying the heath deartment can enforce it because no LAW enforcement agency’s gonna…bad news is, if Karen sets her fangs, you can get 30 days in the pokey on a whim of any transgender “health” Nazi…


    (Yeah, I know, that thing is in PA and not Ohio, but give it time, Magic Mike’s pretty progressive and still taking advice from his baby-mudering witch even though he’s pretending NOT to, so, sooner or later…)

  5. We have been fooled.We will be fooled again,soon.
    This is going to be the new “normal” non-stop viruses…

  6. Unfortunately the leftist idiots are going to keep this going as long as possible.
    Take a look at leftist idiots in Norman, OK. Sitting in their homes, passing down their orders like they’re royalty. Anyone who doubts it’s all about politics listen to the mayor spit out Governor Stitt.

    The man who made this video has been on the front lines fighting these bitches. He’s became one of my heroes since all of this bullshit started and I learned he’s been fighting them long before Covid was ever heard of.

    I say defund Oklahoma University, it’s not a coincidence the most liberal cities in this state have one common thread, universities.


  7. Walpurgis
    JULY 8, 2020 AT 1:00 PM
    “As usual, people latch on to the original idea and no amount of new information will change their continuing to act on that idea.”

    “When the masses get involved in reasoning, everything is lost”

  8. This Doctor is under the mistaken impression that science and logic actually matter anymore. Not in 2020.

  9. SNS: Mike Boxwine is one of the only Republican Ohio governors that is LOVED by Democrats.
    That speaks volumes.

    We’re lost in this maskerade.

  10. We have not paid registration fees for our kids school yet. The school is talking about remote learning and at the very least mandatory mask wearing, social distancing and smaller class sizes for the entire school year. Smaller class sizes means the kids goto school only 2 or 3 days per week, rotating them to keep numbers low.

    If ANY restrictions are in place beyond a normal school year, we aren’t going to register them and will home school. It especially sucks for our 16year old that is supposed to attend an off campus mechanics class for the next 2 years, but we won’t put him in a situation where he’s not going to be ready for adulthood in the next 2 years.

  11. Re-breathing! Ugh. The carbon dioxide issue is my problem.

    And those hand sanitizers are for bacteria, not viruses. It says right on the bottle. It’s not pure alcohol and it has skin softeners.

    Vaccines are not cures. So if anyone says we have to wait for a cure, you take that idiot to the nearest set of stairs and push them down.
    If you’re at the bottom of the stairs, walk them up, then push them down.

  12. Has the good doctor applied for unemployment insurance yet? Surely she has been or will be fired.

    I had a dentist appointment on Tuesday. On Monday they called me and asked me a bunch of questions to make sure I didn’t have COVID-19. When I got there on Tuesday I talked to the people behind the glass. First thing I did was use hand sanitizer. Then they gave me a mask and then I had to fill out a paper answering the same questions I answered on the phone on Monday. I had to put my initials in 10-15 places. Usually I make an effort to make legible initials. This time I just put chicken scratch.

    My dentist is an a mall. I they took out their waiting area so people cannot be grouped together while they wait. I just had to stand and wait for them to bring me back. When they brought me back I was taken straight to the exam room. It took maybe ten seconds to get there. Then I had to take my mask off and go back into the hall to wash my hands (remember I had just used hand sanitizer out front) and use mouthwash. So I spent more time in the hall doing this without the mask than it took to get from the waiting area to the exam room with the mask. What a farce.

    They are already talking about the swine flu. That will be the next excuse to shut down society.

  13. Listening to this woman presenting information, practical advice and lucidity is almost awe inspiring. Th e Left is hysterical, has a deer in the headlight animal stare of incomprehension to be followed by swift mindless action that is not knowable and results often in death and destruction. I am a mask wearing limited social contact over 75 curmudgeon with lung problems and know that herd immunity, better treatments are on the horizon and that going to restaurants with my family is good for me. To quarantine for months might be a lifetime, to eat out with family and choosing outside tables is great for health and morale and trying to prolong life by not living it is absurd. My family guards me and cares for me but understands the value of going out, giving me some space at the table and cherishing the good times..the Presentation was very affirming.

  14. I am going to home school our daughter this coming year (7th Grade). I do not want to deal with the extra hassle that the schools will be forced to comply with. Our daughter has been in a private Christian school since K. I went to the school today she attended this past year to pick up her class picture and talked with the Admin a bit. She said they got a 6-page letter from the state with new guidelines to follow. What a headache! Part of the “rules” here in VA (at least for now) is they have to mask the kids except when they are sitting in their seats. Get up out of your seat, put a mask on.

    Home schooling is a challenge I did not anticipate. I have been praying for guidance, wisdom and energy.

  15. Dr Foochi has a huge stake in developing a vaccine and wants this dragged out until one is developed. He’ll make a fortune if he can just keep people afraid for a while longer.
    Unfortunately it’s our president who’ll be getting all the blame for this while he’s being fed misinformation daily.

  16. My sympathies, DaveVA JULY 8, 2020 AT 3:35 PM

    Prayers coming your way. You’re doing the good and right thing.

  17. An even longer video I found of leftist city Norman leaders. I wish people would get a freaking clue and realize this is what ALL Democrats think of you. They only represent those who agree with them, the rest of you they smirk at just like they did these citizens. They don’t give two shits what you have to say, just like the fat hog showed when she left the room to get her food and then returned stuffing her face the entire time.
    Breea, who pulls a Vindman and says he can call her Mayor Clark, shows they all think you’re their subjects and they’re royalty.

    I hate Democrats! I hate most Republicans as well, but at least they pretend to give a shit.

    I do love the guy though who called it the Chinese Flu and then Breea getting mad and telling him it is called the Coronavirus.


  18. Our Son is a 1st Responder.
    He has worked just over 120 days in direct contact with Convid-19 infected people just about every shift.

    He has found that the seriously sick ones tend to be overwhelmingly persons with already compromised immune systems, and/or Seniors. In other words already have 1 foot in the grave.

    Of the normally healthy people that he knows that had it, they recovered in 2 days after very mild to mild flu likely symptoms.

    An YES that HC drug works, according to those that have taken it.
    It seem the Lib’s and Lib run Media slammed it for Political reasons and maybe because it was a solution. A solution that would have reduced the death rate too early in the pandemic’s initial spread for their Agenda needs.

  19. Thanks for the heads-up.

    If the 3-week-old vid gets too popular, our Command & Control superiors will remove it and we’ll be chastised by that nutball fear-monger Dr. Faustus. He needs to replace that Washington Nationals face mask with an ordinary dry cleaning bag.

  20. What an awesome report. God bless this brave doctor. Even though the left is doing everything possible to destroy millions of lives, the truth still lives.

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