Evictions triple in Italian capital

The Local.it: After the pontiff declared the Jubilee Year of Mercy in March, Rome carried out 64 forced evictions which “violate international law and human rights”, the pro-Roma group Associazione 21 Luglio said.

News of the holy year, which begins in December and is expected to draw millions of pilgrims, threw graffiti-covered Rome – struggling with traffic, transport and garbage problems – into a clean-up frenzy.

The effort also saw a crackdown on dozens of squalid and overcrowded camps around the capital which local authorities use to house a mix of Italian-born Roma, recent migrants from eastern Europe and Sinti, a traditionally itinerant ethnic group which has been present in Italy for centuries.  more here

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  1. A good start but not enough. Those worthless scum are beyond repulsive. They’ll steal you blind and ruin your trip to Italy. Like stink on shit, that filth is everywhere. Italy needs to run them off then get to work on muslims, who are much worse. Just human garbage. Italy is paying one helluva price for sliding into liberalism.

  2. Gypsies are a strange people and are practitioners of black magic. In their segregated Eastern European villages they don’t seem to care that they live in their own garbage and they’ll drive their horse-drawn wagons in the street not caring that they’re holding up traffic for miles. Rome is unfriendly enough without importing these jerks. In Naples I’ve heard they’ll hand you a baby and while you’re holding it they rush you and strip you of your belongings.

  3. OK, OK – – Another gypsy story. On the first day of my first trip to Eastern Europe I was taking a morning walk on a busy street in Zagreb, Croatia and saw a young gypsy girl begging. Being naive I threw a few coins in her box. It was probably around a $1 worth, way more than her average “donation”. She stood up and started yelling. I walked away and she followed. I started running and she ran after me still yelling. (For all I know she could have been yelling “Rape”.) I soon outdistanced her and she gave up. I never gave to gypsies after that.

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