Evil is not in a Flag

confederate flag

PatriotRetort: Here in America, we’re going to eradicate the evil stink of racism by removing the Confederate Flag from the South Carolina Statehouse.

Yeah. That oughta work.

It is a testament to how unwilling we are to even acknowledge the existence of evil, that some Americans want to place the blame for last week’s despicable murders on a flag.

Evil is not in a flag.

It is not woven into the very fabric of an object, but in the hearts of men.

To believe that racism will miraculous end if this flag disappears is not just recklessly naïve, it is also proof of the blindness so many of our fellow Americans have to the truth of God and the existence of the devil.

We are a sinful creation. And, sadly, some do not need a flag or a gun to commit acts of unspeakable evil.

And, rather than accept that Dylann Storm Roof is the perpetrator of this evil act, arrogant meddlesome fools prefer to indict an entire nation. As if we are to blame for the evil in this murderer’s soul.

And while they fret and complain about guns and flags and “white privilege,” meanwhile in the Middle East, evil has found new and horrific ways to murder.

ISIS is now executing Iraqis by locking them in a cage and drowning them.  more

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  1. I wish I had stock in the Confederate Flag. As soon as I can, I’m buying a sticker for my truck.

    Because 1st Amendment, right?

  2. I never gave much thought to the Confederate flag but it seems it irks the shit out of the left so I ordered a Confederate flag with “Don’t Tread On Me” on it. I’m going to fly it just to make their heads spin and explode

  3. …can’t you smell?…..it’s in the air…….it’s coming….whether you like it, or not, it’s coming….
    …better be prepared……’cause it’s coming….

  4. Saul alinsky rules for radicals: the “issue” is never the issue. The issue is the revolution. Never let up, keep the pressure on. As soon as they adapt or give in attack from a different angle.

    Why do conservatives keep playing the game by their rules?


    Never mind TPA passed today selling out America to communists.

  5. “The Confederate Flag Controversy” has been the headline on FOX News all afternoon. Now, why is it a “Controversy”? Because that is the only fucking answer the liberals have to the fact that a demented little prick, on drugs, got a gun from his idiot father and killed nine beautiful Christian people in a Christian Church.

    Ahh. The Confederate Flag. That’s the reason. If that flag had not been there, nothing would have happened. Remove it. Right now! And this type of tragedy will never happen again.

    No. I’m not insane. I’m just thinking out loud

    You see, the Confederate Flag, along with the Second Amendment , the right to own a firearm, is what caused this little scumbag to do what he did. Right, Michael Blomberg, are you listening?

    You know when these terrible things happen. The Television Medium goes apeshit. They are all experts. They talk about the Confederate Flag as if it were an assault rifle acting on it’s own.

    They even give you a history of the flag, a fucked up history, but that’s what we hear. The Flag was actually a Virginian Battle Flag, but I don’t care.

    The politicians also add “Gun Control” to the mix. We must get rid of the Flag and control guns. That will solve the problem.

    The one thing these politicians, race advocates, and talking heads wont mention is the treatment of mental health patents in the United States. They can’t discuss the treatment of the mentally ill. Because they don’t have a fucking clue what to do. Or they do, but it is too expensive, and “they”, include the Gobenmnt, would much rather spend trillions on foreign lands, building monuments to dictators, than they would on their own misfortunates.

    There is something very fucked up here. I have personal experience of how mentally ill people are treated in this country and it is no fucking better than eighteenth century England or Ireland

    Sorry for the rant, but I’m buying a Stars And Bars tomorrow and some more .38s.

  6. Also, while I’m on a roll, all you puffed up blacks,.stupid college students, phoney politicians, and guilt ridden white assholes,
    I, as an Irish American, am a proud owner of a beautiful sweater which I received from a English Soccer player. It is embroidered with the Japanese Flag, The Union Jack. Old Glory, The Irish TriColor, and the German Flag all in a row. Came from some sort of Friendly Tournament.
    I wish you black racist assholes , you stupid white liberals, and you ignorant students, would wise up. Or should I have to explain?

  7. (Normally I try not to repeat myself, but I don’t think I can improve on the comment
    I made on this subject June 20, so I have copied it below. Apologies to those who have already seen it.)

    More and more, the Confederate battle flag (not the actual Confederate flag) is being transformed by Leftists, not into an emblem of racial oppression, but into a symbol of resistance to Government control and oppression. Kinda like what it started out as. Ironic, isn’t it…?

  8. I just ordered a 3×5 sticker for my vehicle. Let’s see if Amazon ships it.

    I also just bought another 1500 rounds of XM193 and some Wise Foods long-term food storage buckets.

    Hopefully I’ll end up getting arrested because I’m a potential terrorist, right?

    You never know. I may be baiting them.


  9. Hysterics unite! If you’re going to insist that taking down a flag will cure anything why don’t you go whole hog and start renaming US Army posts named after Confederate Generals. Example:, Ft. A.P. Hill, Ft. Lee, Ft. Hood, Ft Gordon, Ft. Stewart, and Ft. Bragg , and then there’s the USS Robt. E Lee, USS Stonewall Jackson, and the USS Chancellorsville.

  10. Attacking this flag is a diversionary tactic. However, would you be comfortable with your neighbor flying the flag of the Nazi party, designed by Herr Hitler or the flag of Hamas, Hezbelloh or ISIS next to your house? Fuck no I wouldn’t. I’m just sayin….

  11. I might not like it, and I might say rude things about it, but I would not try to force it to be taken down, lest the same thing happen to the flags I might want to fly. Freedom of expression works for everyone, or it doesn’t work at all.
    Just sayin’.

  12. With all,due respect, or not, what is the difference between Americans who hold the star and bars in high regard and all it stands for and those who hold the Confederate flag in high regard for what it stands for. And let’s be clear, it don’t stand for all that is good and noble.

    And yeah, I would tear down my neighbors ISIS flag and shove it up his ass. I’m just sayin.

  13. Well, that’s another reason I wouldn’t try to tear an offensive flag down – I don’t have to because I know there’s always somebody like you who is going to do it anyway. And fade the heat from the cops for doing it.

    ; )

    P.S. – I don’t understand your question. Aren’t the Stars and Bars and the Confederate flag one and the same?

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