Ex-Abortionist Shares the Horrifying Story That Led Him To Quit After His 23rd Abortion – Western Journalism

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  1. Powerful video. The ghoulish left continues town the primrose path of moral bankruptcy. Cultures that forsake God, decency, and compassion will reap what they sow.

    Clear delineations are being drawn, all Trump has to do is call them out on it. We are NOT the party of infanticide, of 70% tax brackets,open borders, or of killing off the entire energy industry to placate the unobtainable Green New Deal.

  2. I have heard Bernard Nathenson speak a couple times. The last time was either late 90s or early after the turn of the century. Still remember those experiences clearly.

  3. I can’t speak much on this issue. It literally is too emotional. I have twin sons who were born prematurely at 33 weeks’ gestation — healthy, aware, and already nearly 5 lbs. They are now responsible, strapping 6’3″ men with families who are serving on active duty as commissioned officers in the U.S. armed forces, one a West Pointer, one a graduate geologist.

    I have been argued with now by a number of people that the purpose of the legislation is to prevent, in these days of near-miraculous medical treatments, the requirement to spend tens of millions of dollars, that better could be spent elsewhere, treating babies who will be born with incurable and severe birth defects, who are unlikely to live more than weeks or months. If so (and I don’t know how or where we could draw lines here), then pro-abortion people need to get honest and attempt to write a bill addressing this as the issue, and have an honest debate about it.

  4. I love you special little idiots! No matter how many times you’re told (by the people you want to “dialogue” with), no matter how many times you see (with your own lying eyes), you still know you’re, oh, so, special that you’ll be able to convince these people that love, lovelove, killing human babies, that if they don’t stop killing babies, your “disappointment” with them, will break them. People who LOVE killing human babies, are going to crumble before your super pout powers. I wish I could just… tousle the hair on all your empty little noggins!

    (and whisper in your ears, “some people just need killin'”)

  5. “(and whisper in your ears, “some people just need killin’”)”

    Which perfectly encapsulates the defective broken malevolent backwards thinking of the left to a tee, nice work there Sparky.

    “some people just need killing” is a bit harsh, but I agree that some people are too stupid to be allowed 10 feet within a keyboard.


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