Ex-Archbishop of Canterbury Joins Calls for Global Warming Rebellion

Breitbart Europe: Former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams has joined calls for a popular uprising to protest against the “unprecedented global emergency” of climate change.

Williams is among 94 scientists, politicians, academics, and green activists who have written to The Guardian in support of the campaign of civil disobedience, led by a group called Extinction Rebellion.

“Are you interested in going to jail?” asks a call to arms by the group in the Ecologist.

Extinction Rebellion’s own website is even less oblique about its revolutionary aims:

From the 31 October citizens of this country will commit repeated acts of disruptive, non-violent civil disobedience. There will be mass arrests.  MORE HERE

16 Comments on Ex-Archbishop of Canterbury Joins Calls for Global Warming Rebellion

  1. Actually, the atmosphere is LOW on CO2. The oceans are still releasing the gas that dissolved in the last ice age. Plants can’t grow without enough CO2. And we’re still LOW.

    A twofer: to increase CO2 (ok, mainly methane) and also to express my opinion on this mattter: To Rowan Williams: I fart in your general direction.

  2. Red Francis has a soul mate in the Commies-dressed-as-Pontiffs club. Phuck them both. “Render onto Caesar that which is Caesar’s; Render onto God that which is God’s”

  3. I met him once. He reminded me of the Harry Potter character Gilderoy Lockhart, (the one that wrote “Magical Me” in the story}.

  4. Wonderful, Vixen! I never read that, before.

    I miss Iowahawk so. He made me laugh and laugh and laugh. …Lady in Red

  5. ….and why doesn’t the poor man’s wife, Jane, trim his eyebrows? Hasn’t she noticed….? ….Lady in Red

  6. So what does this campaign want of us? Is it suggesting that if we give them or the government more of our money, they will control the weather and “fix” it?

    Um… no.

  7. AlGore expects a tribute far richer than tithing.
    Does buying carbon credits count as a deduction against church donation?

  8. Send my your money!
    I’ll fix the “climate!”
    Let’s have a revolution; just put me in charge!
    Hell! I’ll fix everything while I’m fixing the weather!

    Some of you will have to … uhh … GO … but you understand …

    izlamo delenda est …

  9. Ever notice that every leader in the COE is a smirking faggot or dyke now?… Every… fucking… one. And it’s pretty fascinating how the religious leaders who are supposed to be Mankind’s. bulwark against anomie and sin basically have no values at all anymore? If they’re not pounding each other in the ass, they’re chasing after altar boys or extolling the merits & virtue of some serial killer of color. The Catholic and Anglican churches are, without a doubt, in the hands of Evil now, as are many of the major Protestant organizations now.

  10. As former head of the MOST irrelevant church in the world, now that he’s unemployed, he’s TWICE as irrelevant. 🙄


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