Ex-FBI Agent Indicted for Felony Perjury in Soros-funded Case against GOP Gov. Eric Greitens

Ex-FBI Agent William Don Tisaby was indicted by a St. Louis grand jury on 7 felony counts of perjury & evidence tampering in the unsuccessful case against Missouri Republican Navy SEAL Governor Eric Greitens.

Tisaby was hired by St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner, who was elected with over 70% campaign funding from PACs with direct ties to liberal mega-donor George Soros.

All charges against Greitens were dropped as St. Louis police opened a criminal investigation into DA Kim Gardner & her private investigator, William Tisaby.

As of August 2020, Gardner remains under active criminal investigation. In February 2020, the Missouri Ethics Commission exonerated Greitens after an exhaustive 20-month investigation. The MEC found “no evidence of any wrongdoing by Greitens.”

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  1. Greitens is a solid, was a great Gov(for like a year). Forced to resign over what has turned out to be a complete fabrication. Where does he go to get his rep back? Of course pulling out the old trouser snake when he was married was a smooth move.

    Gardener is the POS prosecuting the couple that defended their home in St Louis.

    WTF is going on in MO?

  2. The first of many?
    I wish that was true, but I am guessing these types of holding people to account will be the exception rather than the rule. I still encourage people to try. If even 1 more person gets prosecuted, that is better than none.

  3. If there’s any justice in this country anymore Gardner goes to jail and Soros gets deported, or executed, which ever is easiest.

  4. Why in the world did Greitens resign? If you know you didn’t do it then fight all the way. Giving in not only gives up your power, it empowers them to continue doing it to others.

  5. Left Coast Dan — Yeah, I don’t understand that part, either. Also, that Commie Dem Gardner basically stole the governors’ election and defrauded The People of MO. It’s the same as someone obtaining office through vote fraud. Even if it’s two-three years to investigate, it’s still a crime and things should be put arights.

  6. West Coast Dan and Abigail Adams,

    Some people are willing to lay down their lives for a cause they believe is right, but they aren’t willing to lay down the lives of friends and family.

    I agree that, on principal, he shouldn’t have resigned, but – I wonder what other evil move was made against those he loves.

  7. Brad, Soros is certainly a bad guy, and could easily be behind Epstein. But if I had to bet I might be inclined to go with the Israeli’s. Even though Soros has no allegiance to anyone, many of the people Epstein had the goods on would be considered allies of Soros. Not so for Israel. Plus you have Ghislaine Maxwell, the daughter of Robert Maxwell, who was reported to be a Mossad agent, playing a lead role in Epstein’s game. My money is on Israel.

  8. joe6pak

    You are probably right. There seems to be a pretty hot trail right back to the Mossad. And I don’t think they’d stoop so low as to join forces with Soros. I’m actually a little surprised they haven’t pink misted the son of a bitch by now.

  9. I can’t believe Soros is alive either. It seems like 99% of the planet would like to piss on his grave.

  10. What’s going on in MO is what is going on in every single Demonrat city in America.

    The majority population of any given state has zero control over the votes of its minority population concentrated in urban areas. This is America where local villiage idiot commies elect other local village idiot commies to run their idiotic villages.

    Blacks by the millions are realising it’s the Deamorats who have keep them in subjugation and poverty but until a majority of blacks figure it out you will continue to get idiots like Gardner.

    The good news is the commies are now eating each other and are basically stupid people who ensnare themselves in illegality. Just like Kim Fox in Shitcago, Gardner is in legal trouble.

  11. @Graceia:

    West Coast Dan and Abigail Adams,

    I agree that, on principal, he shouldn’t have resigned, but – I wonder what other evil move was made against those he loves.

    I’m no expert on Greitens, but knowing what I do know leads me to the same strong conclusion: he resigned to protect innocents.

  12. Eric Greitens is a disgraced Navy Seal who violated the Navy Seal Creed.
    Search the U S Navy Special Warfare site in San Diego. Read it.! He used his
    failed Seal career to advance his political career, even changed parties. The
    Dems didn’t want him and the Seals don’t want him back. Even his Bronze Star
    and Purple Heart medals are demeaning to those who truly earned them.

  13. Flabb

    Over the last 60 ears I’ve had manny “Froggy” SEAL friends. Never heard of the “seal Creed”.
    Was a guest “participant” at Coronado a few times 25 – 20 years ago. Only for the morning PT. Hey I was old even then!
    If you want your shoulders and arms to hurt like H*ll do a few dozen “Boat Tours”!

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