Ex-MI6 spy Christopher Steele behind the ‘dirty dossier’ on Donald Trump is being sued by three Russian oligarchs who were named in his ‘kompromat’ file

Daily Mail UK: The British spy behind a notorious ‘dirty dossier’ on Donald Trump‘s links to Russia is being sued by three oligarchs in the High Court.

Former MI6 man Christopher Steele’s report on the newly elected US President in 2017 alleged he was in Vladimir Putin‘s pocket and claimed he threw an orgy with prostitutes on a Moscow trip.

Mr Trump called it ‘fake news’ and blasted Mr Steele as a ‘failed spy’. Now the 55-year-old is being sued in London by three Russians named in the file and has been asked to back up the accuracy of his dossier.

They want him to pay damages and tell the world his report was inaccurate.

The trio – banker Peter Aven, billionaire financier Mikhail Fridman and oil tycoon German Khan – deny his claims that they did Putin’s bidding. 

Before a hearing last month, father of three Mr Steele suggested he would barely answer any questions, claiming it would identify his sources.

He argued his dossier was reporting what he was told and was not definitive truth. read more

9 Comments on Ex-MI6 spy Christopher Steele behind the ‘dirty dossier’ on Donald Trump is being sued by three Russian oligarchs who were named in his ‘kompromat’ file

  1. Mr. Steele may not live as long as he would like. It’s not good for your long term health to be making enemies of Russian oligarchs.

  2. Oligarchs = very deep pockets. The Oligarchs don’t need Steele’s money. The Oligarchs are going to use the courts to BK the bastard. Steele did not see that coming. Just another guy who bet on what he thought was a sure thing only to be deeply disappointed. with luck Steel won’t have to do time like Harvey Weinstein and with his former training he might avoid an end like Epstein.

    Either way my popcorn stocks are doing great.

  3. The oligarchs have unique and varied methods of delivery, some of their methods will just slay you, with or without laughter. Boris has to work.

  4. The mysterious Mr. Steele, Christoper Steele, seems to have encountered a frightfully sticky wicket whilst helping President Elect Hillary Rodham Clinton defeat the Great Usurper, Donald J. Trump, with salacious tales of Golden Showers and Putin’s payments. Let the Barristers and the Solicitors start the endless production of Writs and Demands and Filings and Counter-filings and Written Requests for Production! Four or five years from now, a very proper British form of Justice will be rendered and made ready for Appeal to a Higher Court. Bring on the fountain pens! Summon the Mortgage Brokers! The Legal Shite has hit the revolving blades.

  5. This is like the never ending TV series, I was hoping I’d get to see the final episode. Gee gosh we’re stuck in a spin loop.

  6. One of my concerns if not worries is if, because of this ‘virus’, that all those conspirators for all those years will get away.

    I really hope POTUS is preventing this in the back round and knowing how he operates, I think it just may be happening, he knows their treacherous ways and will not forgive those bastards.

    Do you really think ‘This’ is the only thing consuming the POTUS’s time?? These daily news briefings are ALL about Wuhflu, and nothing else. Think about it?

    Does not smoke nor drink and gets a few hours of sleep.

    Talk about STEAL.

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