Ex-Obama officials embedded in corporations supporting Black Lives Matter radicals – IOTW Report

Ex-Obama officials embedded in corporations supporting Black Lives Matter radicals

World Tribune:

By Joe Schaeffer

As large corporations trip over themselves to virtue signal on behalf of Black Lives Matter in the wake of George Floyd’s killing in police custody in Minneapolis, there has been quite a bit of debate over whether this is all mere theater meant to boost sales or sincere identification with a radical cause.

As we’ve documented in this column over the past year, the commitment by well-known corporate brands to progressive ideology has been extensive.

Since taking up this beat last June, we’ve detailed a dizzying and often-numbing array of examples of major companies financially supporting massive Third World immigration, abortion, transgender children, the shadowy machinations of George Soros and the corrupt political grifting of Barack Obama, the Bush family and the Clintons.

A vast corporate alliance with radical foundations and progressive billionaires to support revolutionary organizations has mushroomed into a profound danger that threatens Western Civilization itself.

A fine way to highlight this joint venture, to borrow a business term, is to examine the numerous cases of former Obama administration officials playing key roles in corporations now publicly supporting Black Lives Matter as looting and violent riots scar America.

Michael Froman – Mastercard and Disney

Froman is a longtime friend of former president Barack Obama dating to their time together as Harvard Law School students in the 1980s. MORE HERE.

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  1. Unfortunately, the depths of hate from commies, liberals, hate-mongers, Assholes, etc. seem to be endless.

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  3. I hope the disintegration of large liberal cities is televised. Nothing better than sitting in front of the tv on a saturday night and watching liberal property burn.

  4. From Michael Froman:

    “…In a December 2018 column, Froman, who is a “Distinguished Fellow” at the globalist Council on Foreign Relations, flat-out declared that when it comes to the U.S. role in global trade, the American people do not come first:

    “Nationalism, populism, nativism and protectionism exploit people’s sense of being left behind and excluded from the system…”

    And that is why they hate Trump so passionately. He is antithetical to their vision.

  5. I don’t know if any of the ex-officials are at Nascar, but they’ve just destroyed what little was left of a once great professional sport.
    Woke, Bubba Wallace, a diversity token black with stats no better than the token woman apparently is now pulling the strings at Nascar.
    He wears his I can’t breathe BLM shirt, Richard Petty of all people is having him race in a BLM car and after he says ban the Confederate flag and that he would have kneeled with a security guard, Nascar bans the Confederate Flag and is okaying kneeling during the anthem.

    Earnhardt Jr is all for it and him and his sister are telling bs stories about their Dad. I never liked Earnhardt’s wife and mother of his youngest child, but maybe there was a reason he left almost everything to her and not his two snot nosed brats.

    It’s too bad Nascar had already became so boring I rarely watched and already banned from my house after what they did to Larson, because I can’t ban them for this. I hope for their demise and will cheer the final nail in their coffin.

  6. “We at Visa unfortunately cannot control all that happens in America, but we can certainly do our part. ”

    They don’t even try to hide it anymore.

  7. @ Old Racist White Women….they’ve tried to kill NASCAR for me for years now….and now they have finally done it….fucking ignorant bastards….

  8. Eight years – with a corrupt press – is a long time.
    They (I say ‘they’, because obama just isn’t the brains of this operation, or any operation’) had a long time to destroy our country from within – with the help of the GOP.

  9. willysgoatgruff, they tried this once before and backed down when they realized who their fan base is or what was left of it. Who the hell do they think will buy tickets or turn on the television to watch a race?

    I guarantee you 99.99% of blacks won’t, neither will these leftist white guilt snot nosed brats. It also is not racist to say blacks don’t like watching racing. I travel around to dirt tracks all over, I have yet to see more than 3 at any track. It’s just not the thing of most blacks, just like it’s not the thing for soy boys.

    I am kind of curious though what local tracks will do that are Nascar sanctioned home tracks if they dictate to them what they will do. I do know they’ve been losing some of their home tracks because their fees have went up and how much of the point fund they pay has went down. I do know one track owner that was adamant the last time they tried this that the day they told him he would ban any flag, would be the day he told them to go pound sand. They make a lot of money off these tracks sanctioning fees and drivers and pit crew licensing fees.

    When you go to a dirt track, it is full of good ol’ boys and girls, a lot of rednecks, all who love their country where all bow their heads during prayer and stand for the flag and national anthem. That’s why the last time they tried banning the Confederate flag, they lost 2 tracks within 2 hours of me.

  10. @ Old Racist White Women….I’m not a huge race fan but I like a few Nascar races. Not a fan of road races, Indy cars anymore or F!,. Drag races take too long unless you know who’s racing….The BLM awokeness is gonna dry up participation tickets everywhere because we don’t like to be lectured when we’re spending hard earned cash…..fuck it, I’ll buy a boat and go fishing with the people that love me…. my dogs….

    If you ever get to Belleville Kansas, the nations highest banked dirt track, I’ll buy you and your spouse a festive beverage, perhaps a hot dog and we will laugh about shit cuz that’s what I like to do….

  11. willysgoatgruff, You got a deal. We’ve been to races in Kansas, just not that far north.

    I like watching drag races, but the time in between races is too long for me. So I rarely go watch.

  12. ..keep sucking d**k, solidarity kneelers/marchers/supporters – put on your newest kneepads & take out your teeth before u dindu-worship

  13. 55 years ago a union president said, “Big Labor Big Business; 1 coin 2 sides” He said it again as Cl Gov and many times as the last conservative American president.

    Was true 60 years ago. Still is in 2020!

    Also said in ’82 SotU, “…government IS THE PROBLEM!”!

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