Ex-President Fox Threatens War If Trump Becomes President



After GOP nominee Donald Trump announced his plan to strengthen national security and enforce existing immigration laws, the reaction from the left was hysterical. Securing our border and deporting people who are here illegally was seen in liberal circles as racist and xenophobic because that’s just how liberals roll.

Amazingly the liberal reaction was mild compared to what Vincente Fox has said. The former president of Mexico is threatening a war with the US if “racist gringo” Trump wins the White House.

But speaking off being offensive, Fox referred to Trump as the “hated gringo.” Gringo means “foreigner” in Spanish but is generally used as derogatory term for white Americans. Fox calling Trump a gringo would be like Trump calling Fox a “beaner,” except that Trump never did anything of the sort.

And is it just me, or does it seem ridiculous that a foreigner is calling an American, on US Soil, a foreigner? That’s as stupid as someone yelling at a Mexican in Mexico to “go back to Mexico.”

Despite the fact that Trump didn’t insult the Mexican people or the their country, Fox is still furious and ready to take extreme action:

“Imagine, that could take us to a war. Not to a trade war,” he said.

Is this guy out of his freakin’ mind? He was the president of Mexico so presumably he is aware of the Mexican military’s severe limitations, especially in confronting the world’s only superpower. Even those jackasses in Iran and North Korea aren’t stupid enough to threaten a war with the US.


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  1. If we had taken control of Mexico after we kicked their ass in 1848 we wouldn’t have to put up with this shitbird today.

    That pendejo should think twice about losing another war with America. Don’t go thinking we will be so nice the next time around.

  2. Goodness, the stupid runs deep.

    Nothing says I’m sooo proud of my fellow countrymen like commending their ability to swim rivers and jump walls. I guess they have merit badges for that in the Mexican Boy Scouts.

    Anyway, I’m confused. One day he flips off Trump. The next he offers a profuse apology and then does an interview threatening war(not a trade war!) and flipping off Trump again. Why is he even here? Imagine Trump going to Mexico City and talking shit about Mexico and their president.

    Of course when Obama/Jarrett go overseas, he talks shit about Americans. Just like when they’re here(you aren’t successful because of hard work, you were lucky!!)

    And people are worried about Trump?

  3. ….he sez it like it hasn’t already begun with the on-going invasion encouraged and enabled by the Piece-Of-Shit in the White House.

    Back atcha Fox!
    ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
    ……….”…………. _.•´
    G_ F_CK Y__RS_LF
    Wanna buy a vowel asshole?

  4. That ought be a hoot, the Mexican Army taking on alumni of West Point and Parris Island.

    Kind of like the time my high high school’s girls’ basketball team whipped the asses of a competitor 95-0.

  5. If I remember right from reading The Milagro Beanfield War a pendejo is a basically a peckerhead. Mexico couldn’t beat it’s way out of a wet paper bag especially if we get serious and tell them to go to hell,and that we don’t any more of their damn illegals.

  6. Pretty big words, coming from an EX-presidente. Almost Bidenesque. I’m sure the current warden of the Mexican failed-state appreciates Vicente’s shrewd statesmanship.

  7. Fox saw that old Peter Sellers movie about a little POS country declaring war on the US so that after they lose they’ll get big bucks in reparations.

    Note bene Vicente, on this side of the border, YOU are the stupid gringo.

  8. Please! Give us an excuse to delcare war on Mexico, and legally round up and deport ALL the illegals back to the south border they came through. Not only will it cut your economy in half (no more money being sent back home), it will also give you twice as many people to take care of. And don’t think it will be as easy to sneak back across the border.

  9. Mexico is doing their ethnic cleansing by sending us the little brown indigenous peoples from Oaxaca or Chiapas who don’t assimilate and reject education because they don’t want to be like the ruling white european ruling class. (It’s the Mexican version of acting white).

    No wonder they don’t want their problems back.

    Next time you see a spokesperson for Mexico from politics or a reporter from Telemundo or Univision (Jorge Ramos) notice that they, like Vincente Fox and his buddy in the photo, are all white.

    And they call us racist?

  10. No worries. Czar told me he has apologized, doesn’t really mean this and will help convince the Latino population to start loving on Trump.

  11. Now that the wetback peckerhead has declared war on the US it is time to physically round up the 40 million 5th columnists they have filtered into the country and kick their butts back across the Rio Bravo!

  12. The Mexicans in several ports are whining that cruise ships refuse to stop there due to the crime and violence. So, the cruiselines have given them the finger! On a recent cruise we took, a woman said to me “you’re rich, buy my goods, I have 5 children, you’re rich!” I told her to quit spreading her legs and she’d have more money. 🙂

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