Ex-Republican Rep Comes Out as Gay

Is anyone Schocked?


In a post on his Instagram feed, and concurrently on a website, former U.S. Rep. Aaron Schock says he’s gay.

He confirmed the post’s authenticity in a text message, and said he would let the statement speak for itself.

The former Peoria Republican, who served on the city’s School Board, in the state Legislature, and into his fourth term in Congress, made the following post:

I am gay.

For those who know me and for many who only know of me, this will come as no surprise. For the past year, I have been working through a list of people who I felt should finally hear the news directly from me before I made a public statement. I wanted my mother, my father, my sisters, my brother, and my closest friends to hear it from me first.

The fact that I am gay is just one of those things in my life in need of explicit affirmation, to remove any doubt and to finally validate who I am as a person. In many ways I regret the time wasted in not having done so sooner.

I offer my story as one person’s experience. I’ve come to believe it is, in some respects, just a more public version of a difficult and ultimately, now optimistic, journey familiar to many LGBTQ people.


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  1. He wanted his family to be disgraced? Who you are as a person is a pervert. Pervert. Pervert. Pervert. Never forget this is who/what they are.

  2. Being a white nationalist is no more illegal or immoral than being a queer.

    One guy who the media calls a white nationalist shoots someone and that means ‘white nationalism’ is dangerous.

    Thousands of queers ruin the catholic church and the boy scouts by committing heinous crimes against little boys and we’re told not to blame the whole group.

    Homosexuality needs to be denounced as a harmful and immoral activity.
    It is not ok.

  3. Well the dude looks gayer than hell. However I think it would be fun to take all of these politicians that claim they’re gay and force them to have sex with each other. I’ll bet there’s a bunch of them that aren’t THAT gay.

  4. I don’t hate Schock because he is gay.

    I hate Schock because he was a corrupt politician who misused taxpayer funds, while pretending to be a Republican.
    – Thus giving the Democrats a “corrupt Republican” that they use as ammunition.


  5. Wikipedia, if used cautiously, can be a useful source of information. Schock resigned after his misuse of funds of all kinds for multiple purposes hit the news. At one point, he was indicted on 24 counts of being a crooked asshole. After much court system turmoil, he paid back a little bit of the money and all charges were finally dropped last year. Details are here for those sufficiently curious.

  6. Uncle Al: “Crooked Asshole”? Sounds like he’s been having someone try and straighten it for him.

  7. Kevin Dujan announced this news like 8 years ago. The guy must have been threatened by one of his lovers to “out” him.

  8. He’s not gay, he’s a queer and a pervert.

    These sickos have no self-knowledge. Always claiming they are something different from what they really are.

    Nobody has to turn queer. There are lots of women around.

  9. Just once i would like someone to shout out “Prove it”. Why must we take all the claims without medical evidence. And just because you like perverted sex does not mandate I take your claims just because you say so. Just claiming to be Napoleon doesn’t mean I have to buy you a castle in France. That goes for the Bruce Jenners of the world too.

  10. On a Georgia Public Broadcasting show out of Atlanta, aired on NPR live this morning, former Atlanta mayor Andrew Young and ex US Ambassador, stated that 30% of the population in the US is gay.

    The host, (Bill Nygut) nor any other participant in the show called him on this. He went on later to state that Atlanta only has hotel taxes because of Mercedes Benz stadium, and that there is no money to be made from a concession contract at the Atlanta Airport.

    Damn near took my breath away. What’s Andy been smoking lately?

  11. It’s gotten to the point that any new person that I’m introduced to I assume they are some sort of sexual deviant. This way I’m already prepared and I’m not shocked by the eventual revelation.

  12. His social media has been famous in the LGBTQ community for some time. Anyone who posts pics of their hole on Grindr has a 100% chance of being a complete and total fag.


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