Exactly Correct – Devin Nunes: “Robert Mueller Was An Avatar”

CTH: Representative Devin Nunes appears on Fox News with Maria Bartiromo to discuss the latest declassified releases in the corrupt DOJ operation against President Trump.

About midway through the interview the topic shifts to Robert Mueller.  Nunes notes that Mueller was “an avatar”, a fraud brought in to give the public face of a special counsel.  This is exactly correct.  Mueller was present in name only, the resistance unit of 17 lawyers, 50 FBI agents & 40 staff members were running the entire DOJ for almost two years.

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  1. “It’s outside my purview”
    – Robert Mueller
    Can anyone create a Meme showing him in a protective bubble?

  2. …Mueller’s MAIN purpose was to collect and destroy any and all evidence the cocky “Obama” team sloppily left behind to ease what they THOUGHT would be the transition to Hillary.

    All the OTHER stuff they did, the lyjng, framing the President, imprisoning minor actors they hoped to roll, wrecking the judiciary and paralyzing the Federal Government for three years, all of that was just gravy.

    The main purpose of using Federal Goverment assets as official thieves to destroy evidence in a way that could not be stopped, or even questioned, was accomplished.

    Imagine Nuremberg had Göring had a Nazi special counsel empowered to use the 101st Airborne for predawn raids to seize Third Reich documents without cataloging or reporting them prior to the trial because someone said Truman MIGHT have been freindly with Mussolini.

    Ya still think he would have been hung?

    Or Keitel, or Streicher, or Ribbentrop?

    …it’s basically the same thing, just with more evil people that pose a more direct threat to our Country and are STILL trying to overthrow it by any means necessary…

  3. There’s gotta be a mistake. There was a consensus, the science was settled! The entire main stream media, and the majority of the career politicians and bureaucrats all agreed that Robert Mueller was the most ethical, most virtuous sumbitch that ever shit behind a pair of boots.

  4. Avatar…it’s another way of saying useful idiot.

    Given his performance at the hearings I’d say he was a partially useful idiot.

  5. @SNS

    Obama will never be hung, but he should be hanged!

    I’m nobody to be critical of grammar and spelling but that’s one that drives me crazy. It sounds like when someone wants somebody hung they’re wishing their dick will grow! haha

  6. When they started promoting him as above board a decorated Marine Corps office of the Vietnam war of course he couldn’t be anything but fair, I always remind them that DARTH VADER started out as that cute little Anakin Skywalker!

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