Examining Cuba and North Korea healthcare claims


Like North Korea, Cuba’s Castro dictatorship has made some very lofty claims when it comes to medicine and healthcare. And like North Korea, those magnificent claims are basically bullsh*t.

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John Suarez in Notes from the Cuban Exile Quarter:

Examining Cuba and North Korea healthcare claims
 “Communist political violence flowed from a utopian vision of the future, from the great goals pursued, and from the intolerance the service of these ideals inspired, as well as from an intense attachment to power. The means had to be subordinated to historically unparalleled ends that require extraordinary measures.” – Paul Hollander, The Distinctive Features of Repression in Communist States.

Both Cuba and North Korea are totalitarian dictatorships that have made claims of great achievements in the area of healthcare over the course of the past month.

On June 19, 2015 the regime in North Korea said that it had “created a wonder drug which not only cures AIDS, but also eradicates Ebola and cancer.”  At the same time North Korea has approximately 10.2 million North Koreans currently facing famine.


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  1. North Korea said that it had “created a wonder drug which not only cures AIDS, but also eradicates Ebola and cancer.”

    Well, it’s easy in NKorea. Kim Jong Dung just executes all the people with those afflictions and, bob’s-your-uncle, they’re “cured”.

  2. “…and everyone else just died of ‘natural causes’!”

    In Communist countries (except California), there are only two causes of death: (1.) Natural; (2.) Violent.

    Next, the NorKs and Cubanos declare that, “Stupidity is a higher form of intellect”, thus making them the smartest people on earth. Then, Hank Johnson and Sheila Jackson Lee will lament that America cannot close that intellect gap with those two countries, despite their best (personal) efforts!

    Cue Michael Moore to do a Propaganda Movie.

  3. with all the bad publicity the usa gets, being that it is a racist, god fearing, gun loving, gun violent, slave owning, homo hating, environment wrecking, oil burning, third world trashing empire.

    how do these immigrants ever get the idea that the usa is the place to be and why would they ever risk life or limb to get here?

    don’t they know that they will be treated horribly by the citizens once they get here?

    my goodness, don’t they know “conservatives” live here?

    with everything that is wrong with the usa you would have to think there would be a line of people leaving the country as fast as there legs could carry them and not the other way around.

    I am sure that once the 25% of mexico’s population that is here illegally find out we are racist and cuba has better health care they will vamoose back to mexico or go to cuba!

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