Example # 9,954 of How the Left Are Clueless NPCs While the Right Are Informed

12 Comments on Example # 9,954 of How the Left Are Clueless NPCs While the Right Are Informed

  1. Sadly I did the same sort of man on the street interviews in 2012 at the cue up at Obama’s re-election rally in Richmond. Obama was running on his immense wonderfulness and when I asked for specific accomplishments there were none his acolytes could point out.

    Mindless drones. Every last one of them.

  2. If one possessed even an iota of self awareness, wouldn’t one refuse to discuss a subject of which one knows……. nothing?

    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  3. That’s not the way it works, Cracker baby.
    When facing a microphone it is to be treated like a university midterm exam and it is better to regurgitate sanctioned talking points than construct a cogent and cohesive thought. Not that they are capable of independent thought.

  4. The NPC meme really pisses Leftist morons off. Nothing like telling a narcissist he/she is invalid, a non-player.

    Love it. 😀

  5. This NPC term analogy is BRILLIANT now that I have learned what it means. ” I was born this gray”

    Trolling does not get better than that.

    NPC + a just bit of privilege = fool + idiotbot = democrat party cannon fodder

    @ Molon – I here ya, BUTT the hotter and yet smarter young lady had the SHIV comment about the assholes DWI…


  6. This is what happens when you hire Boehner,mccain, ryan, mcconnell andand company to fight leftist cancer.

    We need to take our schools back.

  7. Beto’s accomplishments is he’s not an ugly fascist. And he’s going to take a toilet brush to the toilet known as texas.

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