Excellent Bullpen Post by Abigail Adams – Multiculturalism as a Weapon – IOTW Report

Excellent Bullpen Post by Abigail Adams – Multiculturalism as a Weapon

It’s about the link between multiculturalism and cultural Marxism and what the real reason for the current wave of refugees is all about.

I also received this from Vanaema. It is an excellent article on the same topic.

We are in a lot of trouble folks. Lots.


Twentieth-century Austrian School economist Ludwig Von Mises wrote, “There is no means of avoiding the final collapse of a boom brought about by credit expansion. The alternative is only whether the crisis should come sooner as the result of voluntary abandonment of further credit expansion, or later as a final and total catastrophe of the currency system involved.” In contrast, when socialist economist John Maynard Keynes was asked if his self-styled Keynesian credit expansion could continue in the long run, he replied, “In the long run, we are all dead.” Tra-la-la, who cares? It won’t be my problem.

In 2015, the childless homosexual John Maynard Keynes is indeed long dead, but we are still alive, and his “long run” is finally upon us. Now, just before the bank failures begin, seems to be an opportune time for the traitor elites to throw over the table, scattering the cards, chips and cash, while the lights go dark and shots ring out. The evil actors lurking in the background who sometimes engineer major catastrophes always have a plan to escape their worst consequences, including taking any blame, and they even have a plan to profit from the very disasters they created. The first Baron Rothschild, around the time of the Battle of Waterloo, is credited with saying “The time to buy is when there is blood running in the streets.”


Who said, “if I had but 6 bullets, they would not be wasted on brown pawns, they’d be reserved for the white elites” ?


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  1. I know this subject is very difficult to ponder. I do hope that some of my fellow IOTWr readers will explore this stuff and comment. I would like to hear your thoughts — and it wouldn’t be so bad, either, if someone would say, “There, there, Abigail, be of good cheer.”

    Thanks for posting this, Fur.

  2. I honestly wish I could comfort you by saying there is nothing to worry about Abigail, but I think to do so would be lying.

    The Western Rifle Shooters link is the most focused, in-depth synopsis I have seen of what Europe and the rest of the civilized world is facing. His explanation of the one-worlders (international socialists as he calls them) makes perfect sense the way he lays it out. It’s not that they are that stupid or blinded by multiculturalism to let this literal invasion of moslem armies occur. It is the ultimate power grab after the culmination of decades of indoctrination in public schools and in media into the anti-nationalist mindset fostered by the multicultural / politically correct brainwashing against sovereign nation states and the basis of western civilization itself (Christianity and white “privilege”). And now Obama’s looting of the treasury the last few years and the resulting financial collapse likely the intended flash point for all of it to take place across the globe.

    As a student of the Bible over the last few years, many of the prophecies seem to be coming to fruition right before our eyes. For instance, “all nations will come against Israel” – the US has ceased to be a reliable ally to Israel under Obama and there are no other real supporters of Israel in the world. “Wars and rumors of war”, “the great falling away of the church” (recent articles here on IOTWReport about how the mainline denominations are gladly accepting $billions from the feds to distribute the seeds of our own destruction with foreign invaders), etc. Paul’s admonition about “fighting against unseen forces and spiritual darkness in high places” and “the beast” (I am more and more in agreement with Walid Shoebat that islam is THE beast discussed in Revelation).

    I know many people have believed for centuries that they were living in the end times, but the prophecies never lined up like they appear to be now. As the article pointed out, at least in America we will have a fighting chance in this life as long as we don’t let the government take our guns. But as Christ told the apostles in Matthew 24, “be ye not troubled for these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet”. All we can do as individuals is be prepared physically and most importantly spiritually and trust in the grace and mercy of YHVH.

  3. I took the time to read the article. Good read. I only wish my family would pay attention. If I sent this, I doubt it would be read. They have pushed me off for years.

    Two items I picked out from the article:
    “The only significance of the alleged silent majority of peaceful muslims is that they will serve as living camouflage for the jihadists to hide among”……I do not and have never believed that there are moderate moslems.

    “The lamb believes that by its own sweet example, the jackal and the hyena can be turned into vegetarians”…..That says it all, although we call them different names than “lambs”.

    For me, I know God is in control and he will build his world government as is his plan and on his time frame.

  4. Yes, I know that God is in His Heaven and all is right with the world, according to his will. Thanks, guys, for this. In the wake of the brutality of the Paris massacre, I fall into forgetfulness that I pray daily “Come, Lord Jesus.” How is that possible to forget?! Maybe I just hate to see the bad guys win. And yet, how else will every knee be urged to bend?

  5. Ah! Now I know why my bullpen submission didn’t get posted. I missed this entirely.

    I’m a big Bracken fan. He does great analysis on what’s trending, and has written some very good book . I wish more people would give him a read. His trilogy is made free on Amazon on occasion. Buying them is money well spent, otherwise.

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