EXCLUSIVE: FBI misled the public about Stephen Paddock’s Check-in Date (PHOTOS)

Investigative Journalist @LauraLoomer obtained exclusive photos of Paddock’s car, license plate and computer check-in.

Pics reveal #StephenPaddock had 6 valet entries. The 1st entry is logged on Sep 25, confirming my reporting that @FBI gave public wrong date.

Law enforcement and @FBI misled the public about #Paddock’s check in date and also provided public & media w/ wrong license plate number.

SEE THE EXCLUSIVE REPORT AND PHOTOS HERE including computer check-in.

EXCLUSIVE: FBI misled the public about Stephen Paddock’s Check-in Date and car license plate number (PHOTOS)

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36 Comments on EXCLUSIVE: FBI misled the public about Stephen Paddock’s Check-in Date (PHOTOS)

  1. Imagine that. The fbi is deliberately covering up and manufacturing evidence. They shouldn’t be allowed near any “matter.”

  2. The guy is no lone wolf. The deep state coverup is so over the top that the truth must be devastating to their goals and narratives. I posted this on 10/3…

    “I am just going by the official msm statements that the guy had no opinion on anything, especially religion or politics. Not even speculation about grandchildren or yoga schedules. International man of mystery. The guy sounds like a deep cover operative who got set up.”


    …and this morning I hear Alex Jones saying the same thing. I don’t know if that’s good or bad.

  3. Shang – “Just report the truth. I can handle it.”

    They are not trying to protect your psyche.
    They are trying to protect the involved parties.
    My belief is simply that this guy was a lone wolf (no big conspiracies) but he was an aggrieved Democrat and the swamp powers that be are trying to hide that inconvenient truth.

  4. The Flatulent Investigatory Bureaucratic Service [FIBS] is at it again. Spreading manure over the facts like an expected something to grow.

  5. The hotel surveillance video should show every step that guy made. From parking to gambling to eating and drinking to moving his arsenal to carrying his carcass out. They probably know which hand he wiped his ass with. Where is the video?

  6. Absolutely, anonymous. But this is not 1996, and they’ll never find a center wing fuel tank this time. And a Clinton isn’t President, thank God.

  7. To my ears, ‘Lone Wolf’ translated means these murders were planned by your liberal backed anarchists such as Black Lives Matter, Antifa etc. to scare you into submission!

  8. Loomer would do well to get the complete guest list over those dates. Be great to have a flash drive dropped off to someone of the hotel security video recorded over the days in question, wouldn’t it?

  9. I thought it was already reported he checked in on the 25th and then on the 28th rented the adjoining room?

    I know I’ve already heard that, just can’t remember if it was the media as the source or the Sheriff.

  10. Lying is pretty much SOP for the FBI.
    I’m beginning to think that they don’t NEED a reason!
    Like manufacturing evidence against petty drug dealers – it’s just their way of having fun.
    I remember reading that KGB guys would pull up to some citizen at random and tell him to be at such-and-such office at 8 AM the following Monday. When the guy showed up (as they always did) they’d sweat em for a few hours and let em go – and then just laugh like hell. Big Joke.
    I think the FBI is onto the same tricks – sort of GESTAPO lite.

    izlamo delenda est …

  11. Hmm. It’s almost like they are wanting to hide the fact that there was more than one shooter, which there clearly was, and that this likely islam-related or a co-ordinated attack by Antifa types.

    My gut tells me this is Left-wing/Antifa related, with multiple players. If there was any connection to the Right in any way, you KNOW it would be the main issue.
    My gut also tells me that something – like in every case of jihad lately – someone or something was known or “on the radar” but no one did anything about it.

  12. I believe that discrediting the FBI, DOJ, and most all of government is the real agenda.

    Whose agenda could that be?! The same people that have weaponized public education, mainstreamed homosexuality, discredited Christian churches, weakened the legitimacy of the military, decriminalized bestiality, taken children away from their family, segregated as many Americans as possible and pitted one group against the other…… …all are bullet points in a century old ACP agenda.

    What these enemies of our Republic call themselves is immaterial.

  13. DEMOCRATS, are not fooled! They know the real culprits ARE guns and we just need to get guns regulated.

    Guns are holding our country hostage and growing by unbridled breeding amongst themselves. They are protected by their union; the NRA.

    I’m waiting for the video showinh the Vegas shooter being held hostage by the guns that were found in his room. I expect, knowing there are a plethora of cameras all over the casino, to see the guns forcing the shooter into the hotel, forcing him to register and then marching their hostage to the suite.

    For now, we only know that ‘they’ found a lot of guns in the room, all inanimately laying about, having shot their hostage after they performed their nefarious deed. DAMN GUNS.

  14. If you think outside the box for a minute. Vegas pretty much solely depends on tourism. Let’s say there was another shooter at the 2nd window. That actually makes more sense than most of what is being floated. Sheriff admitted after they breached the door, they had to breach a door inside, no need to breach it unless it was locked from the other side. Also makes sense why two windows were broke out and two platforms built.
    I’ve been told and have read this Hotel has no cameras in hallways, which in my mind almost makes sense. High rollers and important businessmen don’t want video who might visit their rooms, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. lol
    The guy/gal in that room could have escaped when seeing the security guard coming or while the guard was tied up trying to prevent being killed when Paddock started firing through the door. They say he had an adjoining room, adjoining rooms have their own entrance.

    Now if LE knows there is a second shooter out there on the loose are they going to want to report that before they have him/her in custody? A city already in panic, again a city who depends on tourism?

    If I was LE I’d be also focusing on the brother, possibly both brothers, especially though the one who doesn’t know you should keep your mouth shut. That guy imo knows something, but he’s also one of those people who wants to grandstand and can’t keep from lying. Just listen to his first interview where he really doesn’t know much about his brother, he just texted him about their mother to the 2nd interview where his brother was fun to be around, made him rich, made his mother rich so they don’t have to work at taco bell and he feeds them thousands of dollars of sushi. The guy who did a lot of stuff but is a smart guy who did it with people who were stupid and took the fall for it. Maybe he was supposed to help big brother but wimped out because those automatic guns you pay to shoot in Vegas beat you up and those .223 they beat up his poor fake shoulder. Sounds like little brother couldn’t learn how to shoot a gun.

  15. Just heard on tv that a phone charger that didn’t match either of his phones was found in the room and that at the same time his car was leaving the garage his room key was used.

  16. Lone wolf my eye.
    Clean background? You bet.
    Big pile of guns- registered to whom?
    Dies at the scene. Like Oswald. Convenient…
    FBI investigation? Don’t make me laugh.
    “Official” narrative- worthless.

    And Cankles. Pops off about the NRA.

  17. Undersheriff has doubled down on he was the only shooter in the room. Didn’t totally deny his room key was used while car out of garage, just said he’s not aware of that. Did say they don’t believe anyone used his key.
    FBI has set up an 800 number: If you know something say something(What they’re calling it) 1-800-CALLFBI

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